Everything comes to an End – The Good & The Bad, but The Good Ends Faster

From Friday, i.e. from the 5th of June (tomorrow), my college starts. I will have to rush back to my daily routine of getting up early in the morning, following my daily natural morning rituals, cooking, getting dexterous, taking Yuvaditya to my mom’s company, going to college, working like mad with obviously mad people, waiting with respect to 5.00 pm to occur fleet and leave for home, go to my mom’s induct to pick up Yuvaditya & get to back home, start cooking, eat & concur to sleep.

Phew. 20 days of beatitude, vacations. I really love these manumit days & I often wish I correct resign from my job to stay free always. (But will this through all ages happen? Me remaining free? Never. Even on the supposition that I leave my job, my in-laws especially my save & MIL & also my parents wish ensure that I get troubled up to by brains & the rest of the visible form rot & I die.)

I visited the ISCKON house of god twice during my vacations & during one of my visits I brought a part on short stories & Mahabharata. You be aware of, I have always felt & seen that leaving out for a few, the people who outstrip spiritual lives have a sort of limited thinking. Many of the spiritual the bulk of mankind (and even the majority of the rest) regard that major achievements can be executed only when one is not married & is free of commitments. And the ethereal guru’s think that all those inclined towards attaining intellectual enlightenment should become deliberately free of their relations to illume the rest of the society. I cannot learn, how can one severe all ties or alone stay away from parents who are the that exists in deed and in truth cause of our existence. And these mental guru’s do not realize that to enlighten other people you have to lay open that relation with them to come to their gal. Why do they feel that life in a relation with your family members like your parents, your brothers & sisters, marrying and maintaining a advantageous relation with your wife & kids is of no use? Why do these so called spiritually inclined the masses feel that detachment from ones original relation is the main path to subsist spiritual enlightenment? Do natural relations servile nothing to these people? Spirituality is a totally different topic & probably would consume hours of our time granting that the discussion ever has to come.

And hence I continue to explain my blissful vacation.

I took my son & nephew to Rambo circus, I went by my son to watch the movie Piku, took the kids to watch theater, went to JUHU sands, cooked, slept, cooked, slept. Wow.

But because they say, bliss is temporary & miseries durable, I making myself ready to register the concrete jungle named ‘Dept. of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Seth G. S. Medical College & K. E. M. Hospital’. Best chance to me.

It cannot be related often enough–Depression is a substantial disease, a disease with causes and interventions, a illness that needs to be faced and not stereotyped.

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