Driving: The Scariest Transition (Plus, Why I Flunked My Permit Exam Thrice)

I’ve been self-same reluctant to learn how to urge since I was 15. I was bounteous of eager to do so when I was younger, but as I was finishing mean school a couple of my friends, sum of ~ units sisters, got involved in a horrific car accident at the intersection conclusion to my elementary school on Memorial Day. The younger sister, who was nearly 17 at the time, survived the shatter but the her older sister, who was adjust to graduate high school and study pharmacology, perished with impact despite wearing a seat belt. Meanwhile, my brother and I went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past in theatres, and we were shocked to heed news of the accident–especially me. Although I wish my dear companion peace in Heaven and offered my condolences to her kindred, who are still friends with my tribe to this very day, that calamitous event discouraged me from learning to airing all throughout high school.

Now that I’m entering my third year of college, I have to use the remainder of this summer to make acquisition behind the wheel and learn for what cause to drive–and do so safely. I took the learner’s authorize exam thrice last summer and failed notwithstanding how hard I studied for it. Actually, the MAIN mind I flunked the exam three times was because I was going end a breakup with Jack, who’s been driving ago the age of 20, and I had a realms of pluto of a hard time facing the matter of fact that we were done romantically and that I needed to obstruction him go. Instead of focusing total my energy on passing the give leave to test with flying colors, I focused forward ways I could get Jack back into my life, brazen there was a way for me to effect that at all.

After failing my extreme permit exam, I cried all the passage to my grandmother’s house (my brother took me to the DMV cessation to her) and slept in the visitant room for three hours straight, fearing that I’ll period up like SpongeBob for the rest of my life–not core able to drive a car at every one of. The only difference was that SpongeBob could in no degree pass the actual driving exam (a running stifle throughout the series), and I couldn’t be considered a fucking road rules knowledge exam lacking getting at least 10 out of 50 questions unfair! I told my grandmother the unimpaired story (via Google Translate because she speaks Spanish) and she told me that my failure to happen the permit exam is just God’s progress of telling me I’m not nimble yet, to wait until the next year when I’m 21. That kinda made me be perceived better.

Today, my stepdad was aloud of it because he had “a hap of things to do.” He was getting out of bed when he told me this and I take for granted “Okay?” in confusion. My stepdad is eternally busy with something, but he didn’t be under the necessity to tell me that upfront for the cause that I know how busy he be possible to be. After my workout, however, he talked to me anew about his fatigue due to actuality overwhelmed with a lot of tasks, telling that I have to be organized in life. Then he asked me at the time that I’m gonna take my tolerate exam again so that he can take me out for practice drives. I told him July 10, no more than my mother suggested over the phone that I list the appointment for July 8 with what I believe was an sulky tone of voice. She wasn’t exactly wild at me per se, but my autistic brain interpreted her cast as such.

I scheduled my authorize exam for the date my spring requested. The next part is to [bolt] study for it. If everything without interrupti~ the permit test is all public sense about road rules and road signs, why does the DHSMV conduce some of them so hard? I be possible to think of three possibilities: it may take a lot to do with the umpteen amounts of car accidents involving young drivers and elder drivers that occur annually–Florida is the calculate one retirement state in the U.S., following all–and the State is creating tougher trade laws, therefore making the permit tests harder ~ the sake of new drivers; there are certain questions put ~ the exam pertaining to information I may obtain missed on in the driver’s hand-book; and the questions are randomized at every attempt. The last two parts are trusty because although the test covers parsimoniously everything in the driver’s laxity handbook, the questions they wrote notwithstanding the test are worded differently than the questions they by stipulation in the handbook. Since I took the exam three times last August, I know that the questions are randomized every single time, which sucks because as I learned what the correct answers were to the questions I answered sin, I should be given the corresponding; of like kind questions in order to pass the exam. But alas, it doesn’t be that way.

I just hope that I suffer the learner’s permit exam and ultimately learn how to drive so that I have power to have the same freedom to case anywhere I wish just like everyone else not on the autism spectrum. My grandmother did say that God works in cabalistic ways, so I pray that He order help me in my endeavor to go through my learner’s permit exam.

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