Does this sound too hard

0 Ok I’ve express it off but I need to decide!

Does this hale too hard???

I’m taking foundations of prof nursing and intro to pt care from one side of to the other the lifespan.

That doesn’t empty noise too bad since it’s not medsurg and pharmacology still…..

I’m taking neurobiology as well. It’s a 400 aim course for seniors who completed gen chem 1 and 2 solitary, but I got faculty permission and be obliged had the teacher before for other bio classes.

I’m likewise taking an women’s studies online (gen ed demand)

In addition I work 20-30 hours (dog walking/session = easy) and have mandatory volunteer (I comprehend that makes no sense. My govern requires a certain number of hours of volunteering and thought essays to graduate)

I also be delivered of a music lesson class for pleasantry.

I can switch neuro to an easier but still 4 credits scatter seed bio class. It has a greater degree convenient time and I’d subsist off fridays. But I want the neuro! Unless it’s going to be too hard with nursing. What cozen you all think please?

Btw I’m a tardy writer. A 300 word essay be able to take me 2-4 days. Not because I procrastinate I just have perturb putting into words what I default to say in papers.

Oh in like manner I didn’t take gen chem 1 or 2. I had a examination gen chem class which combined the two in one semester, I also had a survey class of organic and biochem. They were tough as far as concerns everyone in the class but I oddity a large amount of time in and got A’s in the two.

It’s just…up till it being so that I’ve taken only my bio menses and gen eds. I put with equal rea~n much time in them. I’m a moderate nervous now to think of adding the nursing classes in. I be able to cut down work and drop the score class but still. When I took genetics, scientific statement of the facts of religion, survey chem, music lessons, and us narration last semester..I didn’t consider time to spare then. How resolution I with nursing classes that everyone ~ward the forums say you will none longer have any time with?

But I positively want you guys to say “this is in the same manner possible!” but I want the truth too haha. Thanks.

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