Book Review – The Dissector by LL Spriggs

Book Review

The Dissector

~ means of LL Spriggs

Book Description

“Greed, Ambition, Lust, Revenge ….” 

When Dr. Sarah Whitley entered the doors of the medicinal school, she thought the dream she had worked such hard for had finally come truthful. She had attained her first station as an Assistant Professor of Anatomy in a prestigious of the healing art school in a uniquely historic incorporated town. Instead, what she found was the opening of a nightmare that would vary her life in ways she in no degree imagined.

She had always looked up to the professors who had strained her throughout her education. They were ‘altogether knowing’; they were never wrong; and they were well respected professionals – everything she aspired to exist . It didn’t take her far-seeing to discover that her new endowment colleagues were flawed human beings, driven by greed, ambition, and lust. But they altogether had one thing in common – reverence. Fear of the powerful and truculent, Dr. Roberts, the Head of the Department of Anatomy.

While every part of Sarah wants is to concentrate the whole of her efforts on becoming an active lecturer and anatomy lab instructor, she without intention discovers the secrets hidden behind the closed doors of the offices and careful search labs of her fellow faculty – from the unlegalized affair between two scientists, to the sexual predator masquerading in subordination to the guise of a well-funded researcher, to the manipulative and double-crossing Department Head.

When compelled by Dr. Roberts to bestow more time in the morgue, assisting by the embalming and preparation of the cadavers to be used in the medical school Gross Anatomy series, Sarah sees things that she shouldn’t discern. But asking questions could be full of risk…

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Book Review

When you understand this book you will find undisputed similarities with your own working life, the in the ascendant forces who make the decisions and observe after their own interests and practice information on their colleagues to continue and further their own career and casualty.

The setting around the medical reprove and the descriptions of the running, breeding and feelings of the characters are elementary rate. The problems and issues they meet in front in their every day routine is loyal to life which adds to the practise up and credibility of the storyline.  Being based on every side a medical school the terms used are always explained making for an easy make out.  The characters traits and characteristics are brilliantly described and you choose be able to say that one and the other and every one of them leave remind you of someone in your be in possession of workplace.

A very enjoyable read what one. builds upto an excellent twist capital to a climatic endT  he contriver has used her experience and apprehension from her working life which is unmistakable in the storyline to produce a moil of fiction. 

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About the Author

L.L. Spriggs was born in St. Louis, MO and grew up in Houston, TX. She has exhausted the last 40 years in the New Orleans, LA definite space. Her first career was as a commercial artist in advertising. She then turned to medicament, earning a combined B.S. order in Medical Technology from the University of New Orleans/LSU Medical Center in New Orleans, an M.H.S. degree in Hematology/Adult Education from LSU School of Allied Health Professions, and a Ph.D. in Anatomy and Cell Biology from Tulane Medical School. She did carry to the ledger-doctoral fellowships in both Pharmacology and Physiology in front of joining the Department of Structural and Cellular Biology (long ago Anatomy) at Tulane Medical School being of the cl~s who an Assistant Professor of Anatomy. She was an Associate Professor of Anatomy at LSU Health Science Center, and a founding Professor of Anatomy at William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Hattiesburg, MS, in front of retiring in 2013. Dr. Spriggs believed numerous teaching excellence awards from whole three medical schools and was well known because of her lecture presentations and dissecting skills. She is the composer of several scientific research publications and has her hold Scientific Editing and Consultant business. One of her goals hind retiring was to write a vacillation and mystery novel based on more of her real life experiences. Her pristine novel, “The Dissector”, is a suspenseful figment of greed, lust, revenge, and homicide among the faculty of a greater medical school — truly a novel that the couple students and professors in any therapeutic field can relate to. Any woman who has suffered in a less degree than a controlling, manipulating, double-crossing master will appreciate the ingenious way that Dr. Sarah Whitley, the protagonist, deals by the untenable situation she finds herself in.

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