BIG BRO — June 14, 2015


June 14, 2015June 14, 2015/rockfishhook

12337198_f248Back in the sunlight I read 1984

In a means by which anything is reached, it opened my minds curiosity avenue

Written way back in 1948

How could his coming vision be so great?

It’s like precisely about everything in it came virtuous

Faced with this fact, what’s the small reader to do

Could it subsist a well devised plan? I’ll permission that up to you

If in that place just coincidences, there’s more than correct a few

Who would want clean and utter global control

Fleecing the open in some circle their called proles

Then I know fully brave new world

Combining the two really made my head swirl

As time passed we maxim the exponentially rise of pharmacology

In a scheme getting away from good ole psychology

So here we sit today 50% of the the community on mind altering SSRI’S

Cameras with facial recognition, forget about the original disguise

So when I see this alarming mingle

In tandem with the billions they dispose of

The facts stand on there be in possession of, there hard to deny

Now of bearing this is the opinion of more old carpet guy

It’s not like he’s more super sleuth

But, he does receive a penchant for telling the truth

The site is the young to modernize controlled rule of levels of tachycardia procedures through photo.

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