Angelita Garcia-Stonehocker Speech June 25, 2015

Intro/Bio: Angelita Garcia-Stonehocker is hither representing Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance for Healthy Choices. She is some educator and former professor at the Stanford School of Education, still, most importantly, she is a dam .

First, I want to teach you a accommodating of chant that people often use in Mexico when protesting government and putrescence. “Viva” means “long live” and “los ninos” resource “the children.”

When I judge:………………………..You affirmation:

Viva los niños!……………………………..Viva!


My father grew up as a migrant farm artisan picking vegetables in the fields of central California. He fought alongside Cesar Chavez and many, many other Latino leaders during the term of civil rights in the 70s. My chief is a 4th generation Mexican-American woman who tight me how to… ask questions. She fought with respect to her life after suffering from a touch, but she always taught me that the sufferer knows what is best for their carcass and a mother knows what’s most excellent for her children. You see, in Latino families, MOTHERS are highly valued and respected to make decisions to preserve their children.

What I am in this place to tell you today is that our Latino legislators accept turned their back on Latina mothers and be in possession of forgotten their cultural value of motherhood. The Latino Caucus has largely ignored the stories that we, mothers, be obliged told them about our children, in consequence of that turning their back on their concede people and their own values. Thousands of mothers take traveled hundreds of miles, with their children, week later week, to participate in this operation. Latino legislators have the obligation to incline an ear to those mothers AND to FIGHT as far as concerns them. So far, all we be the subject of heard from them is silence and, worse, accusations from our representatives for the re~on that if we were lying.

Senator Mendoza has refused to hold a single face-to-face assemblage with his constituents about any of these vaccine mandates. Senator deLeon has lied to us, exactly though some of us have personally worked in company side him in the past. ASM Santiago ignored the stories of independent Latina mothers with children who hold been harmed by vaccines and he in like manner left the room during the Health Hearing. ASM Gonzalez says WE are racist!… RACIST?!?… Really?… and ASM Calderon complains that we are likewise loud. Well, let me tell you, legislators, we are not going absent!

We are not going away!

Let me relate you something else that I find funny. CBS News wrote an p~ of logical quantity this year about who uses PBEs, stating that “Parents who quote ‘personal beliefs’ to get their children exempted from wont vaccinations are typically white and well-to-do…. But the study besides found” that such schools “had heaven-kissing rates of exemptions for medical reasons.” Dr. Paul Offit was confused about why that would be the example.

Well, let me tell you wherefore that happens, Dr. Offit. First of totality, many doctors admit that it is unnecessarily beset with ~y to get a medical exemption, at the very time with the current amendments to the bill-hook, so parents with legitimate medical concerns often use a PBE as a de facto therapeutical exemption. Secondly, Latino parents who be in actual possession of concerns about their children’s health, are consistently bullied by doctors and lied to through schools. While that is increasingly happening to parents of the whole of colors, minorities often have small access to the legal knowledge and severe edge medical research that affluent families typically conversion to an act to help their children get exemptions being of the kind which well as treatment for the entangled injuries that occur after vaccination, so as brain inflammation, chronic seizures, or Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) [1].

Contrary to which our Latino Caucus has told us, SB 277 decree hurt Latino families like mine. The overthrow comes when we look at the verse rather than listen to the stories of mothers. I object to the Latino Caucus with this specification: Do not confuse our compliance conducive to our support. Let me make this in like manner clearer: Latinos strongly oppose vaccine mandates.

Recent genetic exploration suggests that vaccines may cause greater degree problems for people with certain genetics, that are MORE common among Latinos and African Americans [2]. Dr. Richard C. Deth, professor of Pharmacology, wrote to our legislators to find out them that “the risk of head responses to vaccination is significantly greater in favor of certain individuals and medical science is start to identify genetic factors which impute people at greater risk… it is reckless to compel such vulnerable individuals to standing themselves or their children at signal risk by enacting mandatory vaccination legislation.”

Our clump has been spreading the word in regard to SB 277 to other Latinos in our communities and the reply has been one of shock. Most parents are surprised whereas they find out that they actually had a choice, but many moms scream when they find out that they bear valid concerns, but now their rights are heart stripped away. Many times, we attend stories about children who have suffered life-denunciation adverse reactions again and again because parents did not know they had a selection. Let me repeat myself: Latinos strenuously oppose vaccine mandates.

Individuals and parents like us who express out about adverse reactions are centre of life ignored and vilified for our concerns. However, disregarding and minimizing the concerns of victims and mothers is a perilous precedent that eliminates any hope of improving curative treatments, not to mention all responsibility.

Vaccine mandates will remove the historically of moment ethical concept of informed consent. In the exceeding, the lack of informed consent has led to ~ persons egregious acts in California. During the at daybreak 1900s, the lack of informed assent led to the forced sterilization of TENS of THOUSANDS of “undesirable” PEOPLE instead of the greater good, including Latinos and African Americans. More freshly, when I was a child,the CDC “forgot” to send word to Latino and African American parents in LA, close where I grew up, that they were giving some experimental vaccine to nearly 1,500 babies. The study was co-sponsored ~ the agency of Kaiser, which, of course, supports these vaccine mandates. They had to repress the study prematurely because of the departure rate among babies who got a stronger disagreeable lot of the vaccine in other faculties of the world. To my perception, no follow-up studies have been bestowed on the long-term effects of the vaccines in those children. Latinos forcibly oppose vaccine mandates.

Vaccine-exempt individuals are at this time being used as scapegoats. The measles outbreak that started at Disneyland in 2014 main have affected nearly equal proportions of vaccine-submissive vs. non-compliant individuals. Among people through verified vaccination status who got measles during the outbreak, 30.5% (25 public of 82) were vaccinated and 18.3% (15 at a loss of 82) were too young to subsist vaccinated [3]. Both of these groups are vaccine-compliant, yet still spread DISEASE in the broil. There may have been other vaccinated individuals who open the measles, but there is no way to find out. Just to have ~ing clear, almost half of those who had documented standing in the outbreak were vaccine yielding! Why aren’t we blaming vaccine failure according to the outbreak?… On the unruly, the state is using the row as a justification for systematically singling fully a new minority group for insight and segregation.

History and recent events bear shown that it is crucial that each human being has the right to tend informed, individualized medical decisions for themselves and their children.

Viva los niños……………………………


[1] National Vaccine Information Center


[3] CA Dept. of Public Health, Measles Update 4-17-2015

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