AllTrials vs Richmond Pharmacology

Dear AllTrials dear companion

We hoped to tell you again about the case Richmond Pharmacology is bringing in requital for the HRA. That’s not been truthful. Richmond has now changed their theme three times and has altogether irreclaimable some arguments it relied upon earlier, to such a degree getting to grips with what is at hazard has been difficult and time consuming on the side of us and for our lawyers.

At the opening of this week it looked for example though Richmond had narrowed the capsule down to a technical argument not far from the wording of HRA’s guidelines that only applied for a period of 10 days earlier this year.

Just like the issues seemed to be narrowing, Richmond at another time asked the Court not to tolerate AllTrials to be heard. We had written to Richmond and the HRA outlining our planned epitome to the court and inviting their answer. HRA replied to us, Richmond did not. Instead they went right to the Judge and asked him not to exercise the sense of ~ing us.

And then yesterday we apothegm that Richmond has asked the Court at the extremely last minute to rule on matter huge. They want the Court to declare that no trial sponsor or person running a testing has any legal requirement to publicly record any clinical trial unless the godfather has given a legally binding commitment to do so, or an morals committee has asked them to terminate so for every trial. So at this moment the Court is being asked to test not on the specifics of the wrap but on a much broader moot ~.

Richmond has asked the Court with regard to a hastily arranged hearing in Manchester attached Monday where they will ask to strive that declaration as part of the box. This is after they have warned the court that AllTrials’ references to international rules and protocols are irrelevant and direct only add to their costs!

We exigency to be there on Monday to form it clear to the Court that it is conscious asked to rule on something that has substantial ramifications beyond this case. If Richmond achieve, this would go in the part of international laws, regulations, professional standards and the moral rules of research. If such a affirmation was made it would shatter the progress towards transparency made by AllTrials and the progress made internationally in the van of AllTrials even started.

Today we are writing our submission to the Court to exist allowed to speak on Monday. We’ll make out you more as soon as we know it. We have only been able to do this because hundreds of you acquire sent support, encouragement and donations. Thank you.

Best wishes

James Cockerill
Campaigns Manager

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