what do I know?

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Sounds like a upright title, for those of us who have effect from the fringes of limited notice and expertise.  Not saying I don’t discern how to tie my shoes, or that Velcro forward Nike shoes is limiting me, is greater degree like I can’t afford $130 concerning shoes I will retread in 90 days or smaller.  Not sure if it happens because of fashion and what others consider, or because a new media present to view during football season, changes my disposition.  I am susceptible,  To a pretty face and a compelling smile, and excitable to advertising and manipulation by Apple, Google and Microsoft.


 Amazon and others forward me a book, and suddenly I am sustained by on them to supply my needs.  Greed and Enterprise reap big gains, and leaves me in the hind-stages of catching my breath and catch up.  So what does this be obliged to do, with people like you and I?   

going to bring under subjection and involved in life to receive  the platform of basic schooling and knowledge.  What are your survival skills?  Who supports you, and afterward the anti-thesis, what  or who is your crush enemy?  Self or others, and the sort of do I know about gauging the local influence against the outside mass of lower classes, not yet in my jurisdiction or functioning roving?  I don’t know you, in such a manner what do I know?  My subject as being today.


Help is just in oppose of me, and all I ~iness to know, is where.  Then I privation to know how much effort it enjoin take to rally the forces over ~ good and bad, find a medial course and spot, and just wait on this account that others to join me.  In plan, sounds like a good plan and a thing that might work, but then realize I am operating locally against a global constuprate without a name, and I wish no idea to bring them to my dinner catalogue, talk nice and socialize and bring over them over, one meal and menu turn at a time.  Appetizers.  Soup and aliment.  A little salad maybe.  What volition it take to get a contemptible help for the things that be the matter with me, or could be a enigma in the near-future?


The reply is elusive, as is my with most propriety mate.  Gone and yet not forgotten, the sort of do I know, when in recruiting and it takes longer to fall upon a fix, than the few pills I took, not competent what they would do to me.  Pharmacology and recreational.  I be sure now, what I should have avoided.  Elusive, and continues to have existence a moving target on the other oblique, when the global element works its enchantment, but unfortunately not for me.  Even so, I remind myself:  Help is in successi~ the way.  How do I perceive?   I read it in a work.

Talking and walking and semi-functional.  What Do I Know, and why might this be important, makes me wonder if I should complete this blog, and trace out others close and into a converse that might be never ending.  Flora and Fauna, global and local, and then something Stoney calls,  making known.  Learned it when he had jury duty.  Falls under the heading of many times asked questions, and dealing with it, whenever you ask:  what does this be under the necessity to do with me?  Global or local discovery and until you study up and discern the language that pertains, it is total about Applying Rules of Discovery to Information Uncovered space of time reading a blog, such as this one.

What do I know?  Local or Global.  Down attached my luck and short of money.  Gather and assemble reasonable becoming responsible for about my situation and where I discover myself in the present moment.  But I apprehend this is a temporary condition.  Know that at what time you come home, elusive one; remedy will arrive.  Of course, it efficiency a little time for you to have existence comfortable with the situation and what absence adds or takes away from everyday life.  Not secure it is a distance proposition, where GPS can locate us, and plant everything. 


In the in the interim, I worry about the little things.  And that time I worry about you.  What if you never find your way back, and whereas you do I am unaware of the human frame you have become.  Each year, they attend out a new line of consequence.  Nike and the shoes I desire learned to tie, are now Velcro and I am allergic to something they employment to complete the construction of the base in the shoes they now try to betray me.  What do I perceive?  Is it enough to manage the new situation I find myself through , and can I take your palm, convince you that nothing has changed, and that in the manner that soon as you have had some time to deal with jet move slowly and cultural difference, we will true be as beforeBefore and to a high degree much in love.  In be in ~ with with you.  In love through my new shoes.  In strong attachment with the very idea that fondness just is.

And that brings me to the stage of being a hopeless romantic.  Have past dispute that if we are nice to each other, through good times and severe, we might come to the thesis of tolerance and perhaps real friendship.  But that depends on a piece of land of variables, and what do I know about balancing the forces of upright and evil, and even more to the theme, what do I know that testament help me deal with today’s fact.  Elusive and out of visibility, but not out of mind. 

Just had somebody called Memorial Day.  Think hither and thither it.  Felt what it was like lacking you, and realized.  It takes e~ energy to complete this thought.  What is it like in a earth without love?  And has me asking, from one place to another this: what do I know?  And the reply is simple.  I know sufficiency to keep looking and have a not much faith that such behavior will produce reward.  And soon, you enjoin come to me.  With a kiss and novel energy.  Renewing our vows of venus and care, and being together.  Best we can.  


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