The way I see it!

Well I suspect y’all already know by after this that I’m a medical student. Yeah I’m not going to calibre you with how much I’m totally in affectionate regard with pharmacology. One of the divers perks of the programme at my literary institution is that once a year we get to travel to a hard to gain area and actually see first agency the health situation of our rustic. Wait, this should be more entertaining. Anyway, I’m almost three weeks in one underpopulated, extremely hard to reach sphere – it took us two days to become here – at the upper greatest in quantity corner of Uganda. Yes!! Get your maps confused! I’m in Karamoja and workmanship the most of this place. 

I process to show you Karamoja the manner I see it!! And come without interrupti~ I’m a dental student in the way that heck yeah I’ll have photos of me in a layer! 

This is my Karamoja experience.

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