The End Of A New Beginning

Total Spring Semester Volunteering: 31 hours

Habitat because of Humanity: 16 hours

Environmental Pharmacology Soil Sample Collection: 1 sixty minutes

Southern Eye Bank: 14 hours

     This is officially my finally blog post for the Masters Program! We thorough-bred up our last Cell Control example this past Tuesday, and my endure presentations were a couple of weeks ago. The year has really gone ~ the agency of quickly. Hard to believe we had our chasm social nine months ago! 

     I’m publicly studying for the MCAT that I take June 19th, and during the time that studying I’m awestruck at by what mode much material we actually covered this year. I was study of books a chapter in biology about contrary receptors where it started talking relative to the insulin receptor, to my surprise I knew greater degree about it than the chapter covered! This program has helped me in manifold ways, but mostly in my studying patterns. Before starting at Tulane, I never really needed to study much in undergrad. This year really taught me how to efficiently study, a art I’m glad to have control starting medical school. It was besides an amazing opportunity getting to explore so much in a year. I was expert to take a course with the therapeutical students, volunteer, socialize with new friends and try careful search. I’m looking forward to considering what the next chapter of my life will entail! 

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