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For Child Labor and After-Labor Wound-Care

Use of Essential Oils on this account that Support in our healthy Care is in greater numbers commonly known today than it has continually been. It can be a valuable part of our lives both of the same kind with a tonic and as an long-headed aid (in more dramatic situations), in our homes or no the go.

I recently came over an article published in the Spring Edition of the NAHA Journal written by Amber Duncan on Use of Essential oils for the period of Childbirth and aftercare. While reading this head I recognized that I am asked taken in the character of a Clinical Aromatherapist many questions but inquisitive mothers about using essential oils during their pregnancy or for their birthing course. I think a lot of epochs this topic isn’t talked hind part before as much because there is smaller quantity research behind it and so numerous company Aromatherapists either choose not to discuss it with clients (this are is NOT their specialty or not matter they will attend to). In some cases it is something they rightful aren’t educated well on. I, myself am slack to continue to learn more in this sunken space adjoining the basement from my mentors and continued scrutiny which goes into the area of using Essential Oils curing pregnancy – AFTER the in the ~ place trimester and also during the birthing action. Then again for the healing continued movement after giving birth. WHAT wonderful tool against us to combine with the use of herbs. Remember OF COURSE, the respectable dilutions and the proper Essential oils to make useful in these cases.

So, with this reported I want to share some of the knowledge of facts I found in this article through you that I really found salutary. …….

The use of Essential Oils is not in the same manner with new as you would think moreover the study of it’s conversion to an act for “health effects” and the “privation for extensive investigations into oil pharmacology to help exposing clients to unnecessary risk.” is pacify there. “The use of idiopathic oils in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care be able to be an effective way to speed traditional therapies, as long as they are used through the guidance of, or by, some individual who is educated on the properties of the Essential Oils themselves”

Childbirth and Essential Oils:

In this domain there have been actual opportunities on account of test of essential oils on not merely imagined human subjects and chance to examine how they can best support the management of giving birth. There is again a lack of human research in this area according to Amber Duncan in her quantifying pronoun. Which means we still have want for more studies in the coming involving animal studies and continued further research into oils which are considered “abortifacient oils”.

In a study completed in the UK over an eight year time mood (1990-1998) the following results were construct:

over 8,000 women had Aromatherapy techniques used for the period of their labor by midwives.

The vital purpose in this study was to diminish fear, anxiety, and pain. Also, sickness of the stomach and vomiting and improve contractions.

The first principle oils used were:

Lavender (Lavendula agustifolia)

Rose (Rosa centifolia)

Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)

61% of the entire women tried Aromatherapy

Of these women 50% raise Aromatherapy helpful.

In another study sited ~ dint of. Aromatherapist, Amber Duncan in her NAHA moment, the use of Lavender and Frankincense was administered to 537 women instead of pain. 64% of them found it Frankenstein advantageous and 54% found Lavender to be helpful. The Aromatherapy group used fewer epidurals than the dominion government group as well. During the time of the study the employment of a common pain medications in addition declined.

Another study worthy of memorandum done in 2001 in New York. This study involved 25 laboring mothers. Each Essential oil used conducive to a different supportive reason in this subject of discussion. The Essential Oils used were Lavender (Lavendula agustifolia), Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Frankincense (Boswellia carteri), and Clary well-judged (Salvia sclarea). A 1% dilution was used and every one Essential oil was used for a especial purpose.

Lavender: for relaxation, backache, thrust out of placenta

Geranium: for perineal turgid, hemorrhoids

Frankincense: for anxiety between stages of labor

Clary Sage: to whet contractions

All uses with their locality were found to be successful leave out Clary Sage. It was stated that it is precious information found that in none of these uses did in ~ degree of the women show adverse reactions to these Essential oils.

Postpartum Care and Essential Oils:

With from-birthing care there are more studies available using Essential oils. Most of the commonly known studies were granted with easing the pain of episiotomy care. Several of them siting employment of Lavender (Lavendula agustifolia) Essential oil in impute of traditional therapies within their ground of admission groups. It was sited as lucky when compared to Betadine.

Amber points ~right in her article that the choose of Essential oils best to use during this tender time in life is base. She says this is because of the think fit to AVOID during these times is “vast”. Reasons against avoidance of other such Essential oils can range from fetoxicity, abortifacient actions (injury of pregnancy), to emmenagogue action and not only so increased risk of skin sensitization. To in a superior manner help why women should avoid these EOs, it is a ready thing to have a grasp and agreement of the chemical constituents and actions of them that inhabit within the plant extract.

Also, while advising a friend or client in application of anything during this tender time in life I am perpetually using multiple reference resources. I pleasure check more then once especially granting that I am unsure of an rudiment oil for that particular person and their e~ circumstances. Never have too much conceit to ask your mentors. I besides find it a wonderful thing to be in actual possession of herbalist friends or business associates that you coordinate your accusation with. Herbs are gentler and be able to lend even more options to pregnancy.

I would like to go through this information on to you:

“If you are every Aromatherapist who is working with a with child client, you may want to attribute to the IFPA pregnancy Guidelines towards using Eos: NAHA has adopted similar guidelines. The guidelines include safety info adhering dilution of an AT blend, rank of Eos, taking a health record of the client, sensitivity, contraindicated Eos in pregnancy, often met with conditions in pregnancy, massage during pregnancy, labor and obtaining the accede of the client.”

More info at NAHA website.


Naha Spring 2015 Journal Article Essential Oil Use and Safety in Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Postpartum Care By, Amber Duncan

The without fault Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy By Valerie Ann Worwood


~ means of  Opal E. Cintron Heese

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Student at SWIHA/SOY Aroma,Yoga, Herb

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