Pharmacology to fermentation to wine to cheese

Cheesemaker Heather Robertson and three of the first cheeses made at Lighthall Vineyards and Dairy.

Cheesemaker Heather Robertson and three of the elementary cheeses made at Lighthall Vineyards and Dairy.

How does a druggist become Ontario’s first small-crowd winemaker/artisan cheesemaker? Lighthall Vineyards and Dairy possessor and winemaker Glenn Symons can elucidate:

He has been making cheese as antidote to personal use for the past brace years, discovering new recipes and perfecting techniques along with Heather Robertson. She is a longtime loved and a 15-year cheese assiduousness veteran. She has worked in cheese sell in small quantities and cheesemaking at another cheese farmer.

Lighthall Vineyards and Dairy will subsist one of 40 artisan cheese producers sampling and selling cheese at The Great Canadian Cheese Festival in c~tinuance June 6-7 in Picton, Ontario.

Glen Symons, winemaker and cheesemaker, too.

Glenn Symons, winemaker and cheesemaker.

Symons had been a home winemaker because age 19. He started in pharmacy in 1993, pique over the Lighthall vineyard in 2008. Lighthall produces common still wine, one dessert wine and three frothing wines, including 2014 Lighthall The Fence Rosé. This is the chief rosé from its own vineyards. It is 100% Pinot Noir, refermented using the Charmat method.

All the wines are produced in a non-interventionist way. Non-interventionist winemaking consists of doing because little as possible to the grapes from their product to their eventual vinification.

Lighthall Vineyards and Dairy endeavours to exhibit the highest quality wines, primarily from their have grapes, with all employees and tribe members involved in every step of produce, including vineyard work through to last bottling, said Symons. With the tasting ~ricade inside the production area, they long to share this enriching experience by every customer who comes to examine.

“It’s much like structure home vintage, but on a larger plate,” said Symons. “In more ways the commercial equipment makes the step easier.”

Cheesemaking has proven to exist so much fun and the cheese in such a manner delicious that Symons and Robertson are sharing their talents through the public. They sell their three sheep’s milk cheeses at a farmers’ emporium in Kingston and at the winery. They furnish three varieties:

Runner – a smooth ripened cheese, the rind washed in Lighthall Chardonnay,

Cocotte – a artless, earthy unpasteurized blue,

Brie de Milford – a smooth, surface-ripened cheese with a insinuation of Prince Edward County terroir flavours.

Glen Symons and Heather Robertson toast they first cheese creations.

Glenn Symons and Heather Robertson pledge they first cheese creations with his wine creations.

Symons is planning to extend his facility. For now, he and Robertson cause the cheese off-site, but hope to soon have an on-location commercial kitchen. They will keep to the three current varieties, reported Symons, producing in quantities sufficient to barter at the winery and in Kingston. They may try more seasonal cheeses or a more of the age of cheese in the future, said Robertson.

The winery is located at 308 Lighthall Road, Milford, in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and is ~-handed seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For further information on Ontario’s newest mechanic cheese producer, please visit Lighthall Vineyards and Dairy’s website

The fifth annual Great Canadian Cheese Festival—the biggest artisan cheese show in Canada—takes opportunity Saturday and Sunday, June 6 and 7, in Picton, Ontario, at the Fairgrounds. For perfect information and tickets, please visit

—Joanne Fralick

Joanne Fralick is a cheese lover and freelance writer who lives with husband and son in Prince Edward County.

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