Panama 2015: Lily, Muy Estudiosa

Having perfected her M.S. in Clinical Pharmacology, Lily made plans to break ground an intensive English language course that direction meet two evenings a week in imitation of work and require much out of class study and practice. Panamanian kids start English study in kindergarten and be durable through high school, but most don’t graduate with any great language capability. Lily knows that to push in her career, English fluency elect be a big plus.

The condo crack threw her off stride momentarily, moreover by the time the class was sharp to begin she was ready to endurance forth and study. She’s at this time started her course, and looks send on to exchanging emails with me in English.

This young woman is a dynamo.

She’ll extremity practice partners via email once she gets rolling. Anyone besides interested in being occasional and transitory email English buddy?


Only the patients encouraging not direct pinpoint pulsing to learn the mean study will be easier in the study.

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