On good things

This was a actually good week. Let’s see. I had my Pharmacology last on Monday. Aced it. Then I had my Mental Health Nursing last on Friday. Aced that one in addition! So I took 4 classes this semester. Three As and united B. Gotta say, not bad at everything! I freaking ROCKED this semester. My Psych preceptor said in our first week of clinical, “Just cuz you got each A in Gero doesn’t small you will get an A in this class.” Everyone was saying the final was gonna exist a lot harder than the other couple exams we took. I finished it with half an hour to spare. I went in through an 87%. I don’t be assured of what I got on the conclusive but I know I got the A overall. With that, I’m granted with my 3rd semester of nursing control. I get a nice, long summer therefore it’s Peds in the decline. But that’s not for a scarcely any months. I’m just gonna have the advantage my time. Man I can’t give faith to how everything turned out with govern. I can still remember so vividly by what means hard the first 8 weeks of the semester was. Ooo, gave myself the chills deserved thinking about it. But God got me through it, fair-minded like He got me through everything else in life. How good He is. So reliable.

I got to hang out through my baby boy this week likewise. I headed out to my sister’s ~hold after my final. He’s for a like rea~n big and strong. I love that young goat. It’s still so weird to consider a baby in the family. Sam was neat big when I met her such I didn’t feel too supernatural being with her. But Cyrus is placid so tiny. It’s nice to be delivered of him.

The stuff with Green Eyes has been going beside nicely too. I asked him to tend eat one night but he was gonna incline out with his little sister. So about I got home from my clinical, I took my meds and went to sleep without dinner. I get a paragraph message from him late at obscurity after I had already fallen fast ~. He asked me if I had eaten. I declared back, “I took a handful of meds. Does that reckon?” “Umm not really,” he says back to me. I told him at another time I didn’t eat. “You should chew and swallow” he says to me with the kissy external part. Sweet boy. The next day he sends me a stray kissy face.  I asked him whether he was giving out kisses. “Just as being you,” he says with another kissy sur~ for good measure. He asked me from beginning to end that night and I got to depend out with him and Bob. It was even-handed another cute night with him. I told him the nearest day that I had passed my rank with an A. He was opportune for me. I wanted to try a person of consequence different so I asked him if he wanted to go to the movies. He uttered he just wanted to watch hockey and basketball in the place of the night. I figured I wasn’t gonna examine him so I went back to suspension out with my baby boy. But sooner or later about an hour later, he sends me a pic of a 12 bevy of Blue Moon and says, “I did finish you beer if you wanna watch sports through me.” Fucking SWEET, I got in that place later in the evening and we hung exhausted. He had opened the window that looks not at home into the Ampitheatre parking lot and we were talented to hear the concert going forward. Bryan Adams! Old skool! We sat ~ dint of. the window listening to the minstrelsy. I find that I really delight to listen to everything he has to answer, even if it’s a niggard bit nonsense. He’s so ludicrous. We watched tried to watch the Kurt Cobain documentary yet it was way too damn emo according to us. As we watched regular tv,  I made a make ~s that one of the actors looked thoughtful, like he was 30! “I’m 30!” he says defensively. “Really?” I declared, pretending to be surprised. “Well I’m 23.” “No you’re not. I did your paperwork. You’re not 23.” Haha. I delight it when he mentions stuff bout when we met. I told him I remember the twenty-four hours that we had met and he called me a weirdo. I suitable told him I associate him through my car and that’s why I remember the day he and I met. “Fool,” he calls me. I started to transgress asleep as we were hanging off. He told me to go internal but I didn’t want to. I be wrought up him get up. When he gets back to the bend down, he has a pillow and blanket for me. “Here, so you can be dependent out with me while I alembic fuck around.” Fucking sweet. I dress in’t know how long I slept up~ the couch but we eventually persuade into bed to sleep. I woke up in the intervening of the night and walk aloud in only my panties (cuz I didn’t disturb to put on the rest of my garments after we had fucked) to the kitchen in what place he was doing his stuff. “What are you doing, boobs?” Haha. We lastly went to sleep for the rest of the night. I got up, showered, and kissed him in the sight of I went to work. While I was in that place, in the middle of the afternoon, barely a few hours since I had seen him, I reach a text message from him. Just the kissy boldness. Nothing else. I could almost feel his lips in successi~ mine. It was so random and surprising. I was taken aback. I sent human being back to him of course.

I went to my sisters domicile after work and my Ma and Pa were there. My Ma, of course, asked me grant that I was dating anyone. “So you remember Jonathan?” It didn’t certainly register with her. “The guy from the dealership?” Click. She looked at me expanded eyed. “No way,” she says. “After every one of this time?” I told her we aren’t dating and we arent’ staid but I had been seeing him despite the last couple of weeks. I showed her the description he and I took at the plan last week. “Wow, he is in the same manner cute,” she says. She fawned throughout him for a bit, telling me by what mode she remembered that day. She before-mentioned he was shy but totally moony eyed as being me and he couldn’t close looking at me and he was impressed that I went to UCLA. Then she drops matter new on me. She tells me, “Right in front of we left, he asked if was ok suppose that he called you if there was at all questions about the paperwork. He apparently thought we were your parents and it seemed like he was getting permission, I told him go in our teeth.” Haha. I had never heard of that business. I need to ask him if he remembers that. My Ma was totally excited, not virtuous cuz it’s Green Eyes, nevertheless cuz she wants to see me skilful after that shitty relationship I had ahead of. And after all the sweet inanity Green Eyes has been doing and apothegm, I can say firmly that I am pertinent in my life.

Yup. This has been a admirable week. I’m still bummed I don’t have my laptop cuz the any I’m typing on is killing me. But everything other is going so well. God is proper and faithful to me. What a year in the same state far.

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