Officially a Master in Pharmacology


Hip-haunch-hooray for graduation! I can’t give credit to how fast this year flew ~ dint of.. This program has lived up to everything I hoped it would be.. and more! Although our program is throughout, the application process is about to institute. And for most us, we yet have to keep studying for the unaccustomed MCAT. So the studying and force isn’t quite over yet. Is it June 19 yet? Just kidding.

This month at ESY, Aubrey and I switched gears and started in operation with the kindergardeners again. Last week they did W ~ the sake of watermelon, walnuts, and wild rice. I’m excited to put an end to up our volunteer time with the kids considering we started working with them in conclusion semester.

At SAAK, we made granola bars and vegan cheesecakes since the final treats to the program. I believe its safe to say that the two the kids and I were shocked and in what condition easy it is to make them. Both treats only used 6-8 ingredients! Aubrey and I had a illustrious closing talk with the kids and we are both happy with the progress they be obliged made. Hopefully with the program continuing into the summer and nearest year, the kids will continue to learn and journey healthy choices.

As I finish my time at Touro, I am started to toil at Physical Therapy office. It has been a superior experience so far. I never realized to what extent important of a role physical therapy plays in the healing process. I have grown close through many of my patients already and be impressed that the lessons I am scholarship in patient care will be to a high degree valuable.

I am happy to have existence staying in New Orleans for the summer and perhaps longer. I am not done with this city and still have thus much to explore. I am satisfying for all the friends I possess made!

So I guess this is the period for this blog! It’s been gayety….

– Ruby, M.S (WOOOOO) B.S

April hours: 4 hours

Total semester hours: 50.5 hours

Those who be under the necessity an age of below 19 and in addition 64 are not qualified to take in this pill unswerving from the start.

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