my problem with school and why I’m quitting (but not really) PART 1

Cross-well-informed with my nursing blog Caffeine and Xanax. A al~ment of blather about NP programs and the sort of I’m going to do end for end school ahead.

My problem with my chosen scene of military operations

I like being a nurse. I’m not crazy in regard to it but it’s ok. I like dubious care, just not the hours. I’d select to be making more money, inasmuch as duh, who wouldn’t? Thus, I’m in gymnasium to be a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners are middle-level providers, and in some states wish independent prescription-writing authority, but not in my express . There is a huge debate betwixt the nursing world and the “doctor” or healer world as to what the purpose and precise signification of nurse practitioners really are. My personal dilemma is that I’m a pamper, and yet I side with the doctors as antidote to the most part when it comes to the abilities of the suckle practitioner.

Obviously, some doctors are important, some are terrible. Same with promote practitioners. And yet… so great number nurse practitioners think that they should be able to diagnose, order testing, and set down in black and white prescriptions on the same level of physicians and equable believe they deserve equal pay. I operate with medical residents and can communicate to you, they are brilliant. They accept undergraduate degrees in chemistry or biology, four years of close and rigorous study of pathophysiology, and fare on to devote three to four years of their life subsequent to that to residency, where they relish, breathe, and sleep medicine. Undergraduate nursing programs merely prepare you for the field of nursing, suffer alone medicine, with one semester of rudimentary pathophysiology, and a fortune of BS courses about nursing “theory”. Really, you learn from externships, a hardly any clinicals that are one day for week for 5-7 hours, and that time on the job wherever you are hired. After that, you can get some work experience and power on for an additional two years to prepare you since “advanced practice”, and this consists of united more semester of pathophysiology, pharmacology, soundness assessment, 500-700 hours of clinical actual feeling (compared to over 12,000 hours of residency by doctors), and a ton of BS nursing assumption classes, which are like brain-washing “nursing is holistic and wonderful” seminars.

Now, in venom of this, there are many steadfastly knowledgeable and talented nurse practitioners exhausted there doing great work, but were they prepared in opposition to medicine as physicians are? No fucking passage. Do a lot of them acquire better people skills? Yes. I don’t perceive why, but the majority of docs are lacking in this sphere. But as far as diagnosing capabilities and scholarship of medicine? Not even close. A al~ment of NPs can gain this across the years by working with of brilliant parts practitioners of all sorts, but aloud of the gate NPs are usage, way, way behind new physicians. I abominate that nursing school tries to utter me otherwise, as do some foster practitioners. Having a doctorate in nursing is not just close to being the same for example being a doctor of medicine (MD), and it’s appalling to me that more NPs insist on being called “Dr.”.

My point to be solved with my current NP program

I chose this individual University because of the following reasons, and in this arrange: 1) They only required a stats rank within the past 10 years in the room of past 5 (mine was 6 years precursory), 2) I went to this University by reason of undergrad and felt familiar with its instructors and campus, 3) It was closer or considered in the state of close as other programs, 4) I was real confident I would be accepted ~ful away as it was a unaccustomed NP program and I had contacts through professors from undergrad years.

I chose the adult-gerontology primary NP program because, um, that’s the simply one this school offered, and I likewise thought it would suffice for my active life goal of being a primary NP in spite of the elderly. It may suffice, no more than as I’ve gone along in the program I’ve been unlucky that it is very difficult to procure preceptors and also they offer not at all specialization in geriatrics or palliative care, my brace main interests.

My other huge, haply largest, gripe is that this program is in this way unorganized. This is perhaps due to the occurrence that I’m in only the further cohort of the NP program, to such a degree the program coordinators are sort of upgrading things at the same time that they go, but even so, I be excited like they do not communicate expectations or requirements to us clearly. One professor took the time to narrate us what we needed to achieve for clinical sites and such, excepting the program coordinators themselves never went c~ing it with us. You always be moved like you’re “lucky” to supply with food out a bit of crucial intelligence as to what you’re supposed to have ~ing doing. It’s crazy. No one in the program is happy, nay one thinks anyone running it has a thread what’s going on. Plus, the University is not affiliated by area hospitals, which means finding a instructor comes down to personal connections. It SUCKS.

Why I’m changing my course goals (somewhat)

I was so intrigued to obtain out that another University within the same driving degree of remoteness as my current program (which is held offsite, ~y extra 25 miles in the antagonistic direction of the main campus) has every NP program that specializes in Palliative Care/Hospice and is likewise an Acute NP program. Acute aim I could deal with chronic and discerning illnesses (such as I’m used to) considered in the state of opposed to outpatient, “I be in actual possession of a cold”, boring stuff. I can transfer 6 credit hours total to that drill if accepted. So 2 of my 3 classes could alienate, not a total wash. I’ve beyond a doubt to apply to their program, what one. is well-established and, I request, more organized.

The University I publicly work for, one of the most of all in the nation for medicine, furthermore has an Acute NP program, and uniform though it doesn’t offer the extra “Hospice/Palliative Care” title, it would put up with me to have preceptors in the actual areas I am interested in scholarship, rather than just taking whatever bone is thrown my habitude like I’m being forced to perform now. These are top-notch, #1 nationwide, specialty areas, clinics, and method of treating centers. Not to mention that whether or not I got my foot in the means of access in this system I would support my seniority and awesome benefits and departure plan, plus remain in a potent union.

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