Morning Me-Time

Hello! How’s your day going? I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

I be under the necessity of share about the morning I had today for the reason that it was one of the most of all mornings I’ve had in a during the time that, and it totally set the manner for a good day!

I’m definitely a forenoon person by nature, and while I like torpid, breakfast-in-bed days as a great quantity as the next person, it’s the nimble, energetic mornings that really get me excited in various places a day. As you may set aside, I was a little disgruntled at at the outset that my class schedule for the semester features mostly afternoon classes, but I have to judge that by now I’m charitable of loving having mornings to myself. This peep of day I woke up with a morsel of a headache, and I figured more time on my yoga mat efficiency do me more good than popping pills. Boy was I up~! I followed along with an online class from YogaGlo that had me exudation and stretching, and my headache was gone in in ~ degree time.


I followed up my yoga doing with breakfast and time to confabulate with Ben before showering and acquirement into some schoolwork. It was such a simple thing to just take a connect hours for myself before diving into the promised time, but it left me feeling more energized, refreshed, and just plain apt! It’s easy to get depraved in a sea of studying about here, so it felt good to surplus my hard work with some material substance and mind health this morning.

The rest of my appointed time consisted of classes from 11-4 (through a lunch break at noon).

Got to see some young calves on my walk to school today - always a treat!Got to accompany some young calves on my walk to school today – always a treat!

Most of my classes are since really getting into the “meat” of their weighty which is a bit overwhelming, otherwise than that also interesting. Today in Bacteriology we closely examined Anthrax, which is caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. It’s an especially important agent because it affects a multiplicity of animals, as well as humans. Although it have power to occasionally be kind of a uneasiness to have to learn disease processes in humans in etc. to other animals, (they won’t be our patients, after all) it is more cool to know that veterinarians are able to play a vital role in the one and the other human and animal health. One Health, baby!

Now I’m back home and studying it up according to the evening. Pharmacology quiz on Friday and my in the ~ place two exams next week – active, busy!

Your turn!

How do you like to stimulus your mornings?

When you’re assiduous, what do you do to protect your body and mind healthy?


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