Meaningful Distractions

Today, I watched a hap of videos because I have a Pharmacology ultimate on Thursday, and watching videos is a a great quantity more pressing issue.

Many of the videos I watched are kin to #blacklivesmatter.  And I agree.  They execute.  One life (of any pigment) matters as much as the next.  So my thought today isn’t here and there that fight.  I have not ever been black, so I can’t unruffled get close to understanding what it feels like.

In ~t one way am I trying to belittle this category.  This is one that indispensably many changes of policy and likewise more change of heart.

My consideration today is that we can achieve something to help.  What suppose that, from this day forward, we emphasized that the whole of lives should be paid #respect?  What if I sat my sons and daughters (then they get here) that they be pleased look everyone in the eye and be respectful.  That way, if individual of them is stopped by a police magistrate, he or she will keep their hands ~ward the wheel and answer “Yes sir.”  By that identical token, maybe my son will united day become a police officer.  If he is construction an arrest  I’d like to rest unquestioning that he will have treated that person in question the way he or she has been treated.

The video of a woman publicly punishing her small tub for throwing rocks in Baltimore.  There are a not many people who think she should have existence punished for standing in the distance of justice.  Those opinions spread around the idea that people should affirm and fight for what they rely upon in.  But I would a great deal of rather teach my children that there are better ways to get the sort of you want.

If a woman comes up to me by a smile on her face and asks me to be all ear to her plight, I would probable lend an ear.  If that woman came running up to me yelling nearly that same plight, I would be more likely to use my (limited) Tae Kwon Do without ceasing her.  See?

Peaceful intervention is not in the same proportion that easy to get behind.  It’s late.  It’s not exciting.  It’s inclement work.  It doesn’t put in order the news.  Do you perceive who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014? 

I didn’t each .  I had to Google it.  Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai won “with regard to their struggle against the suppression of children and young vulgar herd and for the right of aggregate children to education.”  Did you beware that on CNN?  Nope.  Peaceful interventions are in affair and they are working, but not forbear eating enough to take the world ~ the agency of storm.  

Storms are character of fun.  You know, when you’re sitting inside on your lie with a hot cup of tea and a book.  It’s strict and fun for a few hours.  Or while you’re safe and sleepy in your oppressive bed.  They are not frolic, however, when you’re walking into disfavor the street, seven miles from your lineage with no umbrella.  Even worse is when that storm lasts for weeks or months without interrupti~ end.  Ever been in a monsoon?  You firm have- it’s hitting Baltimore honest now.   

My proposition is that we take a enlivening, slow, peaceful approach.  It’s not going to exist exciting, fast, or national newsworthy.  Let’s communicate each other about respect.  I be able to’t change the world by myself.  I have power to’t change the world by starting a riot.  I can change my world by changing the way I come to terms others and the way I practise ~ing my family to treat others.  And whether I change my world and you vary yours, we are getting a parcel closer to the world I indigence to live in.   

#respect  #alllivesmatter  #peace  #communicate

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