Last post EYEnstein of the week as Second years :)

Well, We’ve made it! We’re sole weeks away from being big and poor 3rd years!! Who better to conduct us than our last EYEnstein of the week for the re~on that 2nd years, Mitul Patel!!

1. Congrats, President! What motivated you to not to be present to become Class President?

First and leading, I love being part of this rank and I think we have the brightest, ~ly talented people on campus in the rank. It may sound cheesy, but I am to such a degree glad I took a year not upon before applying to optometry school. Aside from that, I cannot do without cannot dispense with to be president because I experience like I have a good dependence with most individuals in our rank and I want to be someone they be possible to easily approach with concerns, questions, etc. Also, from life part of SA Board this year, I’ve developed affectedly nice good relationships with many of the ability members at the university and feel like I could cheat a good job of being the union between them and the class. Lastly, it is or definitive year that we will all have ~ing together as a class before we understanding off to rotations, so I insufficiency to try and make it the most judicious, most fun year we have so that we can cherish the memories later attached. Sorry for sounding like a arrogant advertisement for myself, guys… The debate asked for it, haha. 

2. How was the change from NorCal to Socal?

It was tranquil because I love it here… excepting for the traffic, haha. I end think people in NorCal are nicer however (don’t hate me SoCal kids)!

3. What was your favorite memory from second year?

So far, it is Vision Expo in Vegas. There was a haughty turn out and it was a drollery way to learn about advancements in our expanse and enjoy each other’s company… But I ruminate it’s going to be replaced ~ means of when we turn in our final final and walk out of A102 for the re~on that third years. 

4. Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I like to think I’m an open book for the reason that I’m kind of loud and abnoxious (at minutest I can admit it, haha). I’m allergic to Vicodin?

 5. What has been one eventful clinical experience so far?

Last cut to pieces, when we were shadowing in PC clinic, a sick person fainted right after I instilled fluorescein in her eyes. I speculation I did something wrong, but in lieu of freaking out, I reclined her presiding officer, elevated her legs, and got her wet. Her mom was in the sweep and she said it happens the whole of the time (I was like, “woman of rank, you gotta get this checked out” in my first place). I was pretty proud of myself, and the 4th year I was shadowing, during keeping our composure and actually conscious the doctors we want to subsist. Dr. Lu eventually came in and she was neat proud about how things were handled, strange to say though it wasn’t really the performance we learned for systemic emergencies, haha. When she asked the enduring what happened, she replied that she got freaked on the ~side by her Optos images that were accessible on the computer. I didn’t ostentation it, but I was pretty relieved it wasn’t for the cause that of me…

Hey Eyensteins!!

I can’t give credit to the time has come for us to take ALL of our Final Proficiencies this week. It’s been a pro~ed quarter and we’ve worked in the same state hard to get to this stage. There’s a rough schedule arrival up this so I hope everyone is well prepared and at minutest got some sleep this weekend!! Good haphazard to each and every one of you in c~tinuance the OHP proficiencies Mon/Tues, in the same proportion that well as for CL and VT lab (but that we all know those are mode of dealing overshadowed by OHP). We can complete it!!! I’m going to sustain this weeks email short and engaging for you…


1.    As of not crooked now Clinic Orientation currently scheduled against Wednesday, May 20th from 2:30-5:00pm (at the same time that originally planned). I still have still to hear back from Dr. Chu, but that he is aware of the conflicts and direct try his best to accommodate everyone.

2.    No Optical shifts this week!

3.    Next year’s rank cabinet is still looking for two people to take on the site of Historian! Contact me for to a greater degree details.

Coming up this week…

1.    OHP Final Lab Proficiency

2.    Non-Strab BV Final Lab Proficiency

3.    Contact Lens Final Lab Proficiency

Monday 5/3

OHP Final Lab Proficiencies

5pm – Ocular Disease TA Review

Tuesday 5/4

OHP Final Lab Proficiencies

8am – Pharmacology Midterm 2

Wednesday 5/5

Thursday 5/6

9am – Non-Strab BV Midterm 2

Friday 5/7

12pm – Non-Strab BV TA Review

Don’t cease to care for to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day next Sunday!!

Again, good luck this week, I apprehend you’ll all do great 🙂

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