In response to an unknown frustrated med. student

WhatsApp (and other convivial media) are a great source of essence connected to your friends —pristine and new— and also for staying in alignment of current affairs, sharing opinions, just creating opinions. It is also a platform despite spreading rumors and wrong messages. Hardly anyone verifies that which we get in a forwarded messages. Most persons I know tend to ignore in the same state messages — thankfully; some tend to theme of inquiry its veracity and a few take efforts to purpose through those and perhaps post a rebuttal. I am human being of those few 🙂

Today I received this message on our school clump:

Dr. Praveen Angrish—-

How abundant does it cost to educate a of medicine student?

6 lakhs? 13 lakhs?

Take the package (yearly fund) of running a of medicine college and divide it by the designate by ~ of medical students and you command get the figure.

But is this riches really spent on the students?

Let’s be attentive.

What are the things bought through this money?


ECG machines

Scanners (CT /USG)

Patient beds


Operation theatres….


What nearly the teachers?

The teachers are doctors, who are engaged full time in  treating the sick (outpatient work, ward rounds, operations, medico ~ized – court and certificate work)

Basically they merited explain the techniques of diagnosis and management to the medico  during the round work.

Theory  and seminars (virtuous rescuing) are rare duties for these doctors- as luck may have it once in a week or formerly in a month.

But are in that place staff only teaching?

Yes. There are three departments which do not routinely do patient- akin work routinely.

Anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology.


Even the in the way that called “non clinical” departments like patho and micro are replete time occupied in processing blood tests, infections and cloth samples.(patient care)

So this ways and ~ there are just about 45 teaching staff, four or five lecture halls, more seminar halls, couple of hostels, and an “academic section” (13 clerks) and a chief party – purely involved in teaching medical students!

The students receive to pay tuition fees, van fees, hostel fees- to pay during all the above mentioned “luxuries” 



The standard of value spent purely on the education of a of the healing art student is so small, because……

 tot~y the (medical college) funds are used as antidote to patients, wards, even cold rooms to lay up dead bodies


Now journey to an engineering college…. Or , concur to an arts college-

Everything there- 

The buildings, 

The countless verse of 

Lecture halls and seminar rooms

The business sections (all of them)

The laboratories,

The playgrounds, 

And the salaries of each single teacher, clerk and sweeper….



No plain community service by the teachers!

Just indicate to the students and go home! No other act!

What about engineering colleges? 

Their exactness machinery, their high tech labs, their computers…

Does the political engineering department build houses for the not worth a sou?


Does electrical department provide lighting in spite of the rural?


Does chemical province  help in control of corruption?


Does mechanical department help repair our delight buses?


but every single therapeutical student serves the poor and indigent during house surgeoncy!

No lunch! 

No dinner!

No doze!

And after that?One year  RURAL SERVICE!

Does the B Com student help government in clerical work?

Does engineering scholar spend a year in PWD? or electricity enter?



Are IIT graduates allergic to India?

Dear intimate, government spends crores on education, BUT NOT FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS!

In circumstance, a medical student is the CHEAPEST GRADUATE produced ~ means of the government. (cheaper than even BA belles-lettres or LLB)

Spread the word. Doctor owes less to society than a BCom failed pupil! But still they serve you!

Your standard of value will not compensate their sacrifices.

Respect their reverence to you.

That’s all they poverty in return. 

If you be delivered of a doctor friend, a doctor relating to, or a doctor whom you be pleased with and respect, show your love ~ dint of. forwarding this message!


On the starting-point, it might sound like a veritable concern about the situation of curative students in India, but as I be ~ through it, I realized that the originator is making a mountain out of a molehill. So I decide to drive back some of his points.

Disclaimer: I acquire nothing against this said Dr. Praveen Angrish, the first cause of the message. I don’t exactly know who he is, and I confidence he is a good doctor and completely in his professional life. It’s rightful the tone of that message what one. sounds as if the government and the participation at large is doing some subdued injustice to the medical students, which, I think, needs to be challenged.

(1) He says, “`Basically they [med. society profs] just explain the techniques of diagnosis and manipulation … A MEDICAL COLLEGE IS JUST A SUPER-SPECIALTY HOSPITAL WITH MEDICAL STUDENTS OBSERVING THE PROCEDURES.“`

Well, what passes as teaching in other colleges or schools is nullity more than transfer of the understanding in books to the heads of students via the teacher. That is becoming every increasingly mechanical job, and hardly reflects the veritable world situation. In our jobs today, to what extent much time/energy do we lay out in learning anything this way? We’d moderately read a book, watch a video or prefer a petition for a colleague, right? I am certain most of our medico friends on the group – and even non medicos – direction agree that they received most of similar ‘learning’ from their friends and in hostel rooms more willingly than in classrooms, e.g. learning mnemonics to remember names of chemicals.
Secondly, by what mode many of our medico friends in the present state would like to substitute the “observing” duty of their study with pure lectures. Dr. Angrish makes it rational like doing it is useless, and single classroom teaching is important, which the medicos are not acquisition enough of!

(2) Coming to engineering nurture, he says: “`No direct community furniture by the teachers!“`

Are the medical teachers doing community service or careful search? Do they not publish papers with~ of what they do with their patients? Same happens through the engineering colleges. (Yes, I agree, with the sudden boom in the reckon of eng. colleges over last few years, you won’t see inquiry happening everywhere, but that is a contrasted problem altogether.) Moreover, if the med. colleges don’t obtain the easy patient inflow, when and to which place are our medical students going to persuade to do the practicals of many diseases and conditions they need to have ~ing ready with when they step gone ~ with the MBBS degree?
When my cousin got some admit from a med. college in Karnataka, his endow or supply with a ~, himself a physician in Delhi, went to the body and took a look at the OPD ~ and foremost. Only when he saw how variant and rural it was, he was satisfied and oblige his son in.

“`Does the civic engineering department build houses for the without a penny?“`
The civil eng. department of my association NIT Surathkal had the most sophisticated labs in that clime and the entire soil testing toward Konkan Railway was done there. Similar territory based and need centric work is ended in all the labs all the time.

(3) On the rural internship/bond:
I agree it’s not the most wise system, but at the same time, human being cannot ignore the fact that country India really needs good medical services that we -as a society– are not skilful to provide at present. One year enslaved was a stop-gap arrangement to take care of a member of that problem. Of course, mandating populate to do something they don’t like not ever works in the long term, and I possibility of good a better solution emerges soon.

(4) “`In certainty, a medical student is the CHEAPEST GRADUATE produced ~ the agency of the government. (cheaper than even BA literary works or LLB)“`
Now that statement of necessity some hard data to back it up, however let me just put into view how cheap we all are, at the time compared to some developed countries. HSBC produced a story in 2014, where they ranked the USA the third costliest place wrt college fees. Their medial sum per year cost is $36,564. This is a loaded conformation, since there are so many different factors; let’s take a simplistic individual – in state fees for public schools through 4 year undergrad program: $18,943/year. Multiply it by 4, you get $75,772, and interchange it to rupees, you get Rs. 45,46,320. How plenteous did we pay for our breeding? I’d say less than Rs. 4,00,000, forward average. Edu. loan is one of the fastest growing debts in US, which has increased through 63% in last decade, by more estimates.

(5) “`Doctor owes less to fraternity than a BCom failed student!“`
I imagine we all owe a lot greater amount of than we realize. Let’s not trivialize it ~ means of crude comparisons.

Having said that, I don’t petty to belittle the struggle our med. students be under the necessity to go through. Med. edu. has hundreds of problems, and they emergency to be addressed seriously. But in the same state messages over-simplify things, which does not be for anyone. It is becoming ~y increasingly tough job to become a savant, let alone to be a tolerably great one. I just hope they don’t have all frustrated by the end of it, and digress hating everyone else 🙂

It is consanguineal to a hunter shooting at a shrub because he thinks a deer is in it, on a level though he doesn’t understand for certain.

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