I still get no respect

Back in pharmacy place of education, we had a class on by what mode to talk to patients and doctors. How to deviate, how to dumb it down, by what mode to calm a situation, how to treat everyone with respect etc. Basically, person of those obnoxious, mandatory 3 credit classes.

Sadly however, I don’t think the MD program at all times got a good listening class, cuz I however get no respect

Some basic pharmacology/analysis of the process of reasoning. Medications are disposed by the material substance by either:

a. Pooping them fully
b. liver breaking it down
c. peeing it at a loss

for a urinary infection, one would evidently be without the medication to be pee’d with~, that way we know it in truth. got to the kidneys!

So here I am with a prescription conducive to Clindamycin and a patient telling me it’s to enjoyment her URINARY infection. Let looks at the facts:

1. Clindamycin is eliminated by the liver
2. Clindamycin is not indicated in spite of urinary infections
3. Upon further careful search, there are 15 antibiotics that be able to be given for a UTI, not a part of which are clindamycin
4. Having been learned for UTI’s, Clindamycin has been deemed ‘completely inffective’ in quest of this type of infection.

Which is wherefore, after waiting on hold for 10 minutes by the doctors office, the doc interrupts me intervening opening sentence and says

“MD, it estate MAKES DECISIONS, and this is the kind of I want to prescribe”

Ladies and gentleman, I present you Rodney Dangerfield

Also direct the eye out for drug tests that test for another opiate, hydrocodone.

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