Houston, do you even rain

It rained such heavily yesterday. I felt so strong box driving in my car. Braving through the ponderous rain with lights on, double signal and wipers on full speed. I like driving through water puddles. Although it’s not in fact good for the car engine. But at whatever time I do so, I feel like I’m in some sort of action movie lol. I be perceived cool for a moment. And that’s likewise when a car from the antagonistic lane sprays water all over my car while they drive pass. Literally raining up~ the body my parade. Why am I in such a manner good with puns lately. 

I should have existence doing my oral presentation but I understand I’ll only have the impel to do it only when it’s remain minute. 

The thing about ultimate fortune is, probably how unpredictable and unlooked for it can be. I believe in fate so much that everyone I understand on the train I feel is someone I am fated to meet lol. Saw cass and her mom at external ear hahaha. Fate seriously. Stop trolling me.

Well this matron right here can’t drive 10 seconds out of swearing. *black moon face emoji* She declared, eh, take a picture of me driving. I was acquirement the camera ready, she was afflicting to look cool. And then she started swearing once more. Lol, that hand gesture.

Fuck in likelihood replaced shit.
Fucking probably replaced highly or any expression to indicate the of the same height of something.
Mother fuckers probably replaced assholes.

Like I afore~, now that you’re back, it doesn’t feel like you were gone. Just felt like I’ve never seen you in a super ~ing time. Only the swearing part will take some time getting used to HAHAHAHAHA.

Listening to The Script at this time cause if you could see me since was stuck in my head from that time I woke up.

I admit I’m not the headlong type when it comes to exploring harmony. I stick to the same artists, same songs, identical genre. I can listen to a descant on repeat for days. One intuitional faculty why I always stick to on a sudden, cause the lyrics are easier to remember and the lyrics are repetitive chiefly of the time.

I didn’t be sure Breakeven was by The Script. Never seen somewhat is playing now.

Okay, I should be productive now and study pharmacology. Cause lectures are horribly boring and beset with ~y.

Oh my, if you could know me now is playing.

I extremity a getaway so badly.

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