GOSSIPS|| “He Almost Killed Me, After I Refused” … Delsu Student Confessed!


Mr. Rafael( Pharmacology Department Of Delta State University Nigeria)

On the 17th of May 2015, three pre-quality students of Delta State University Nigeria whose are, Mary, Gift, Blessing. They domicile at Esther’s Lodge in Campus 4 high~. They invited some male friends above the top to their hostel on the decline of day of that awful day. The visitors came and they were roughly common-place by the boys of the hostel. The boys managed to pass unobserved and went to reinforced themselves and came back with Policemen. One Mr. Rafael was caught at the same time that the rest of the boys fled later getting information that the Police were to come. The  issue was said to be settled by the Policemen but Mr. Rafael used it in the manner that an opportunity to blackmail…. READ MORE

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