Gastroenterology (GI) Physiology & Pharmacology Tutorial: Osmotic Laxatives and Mnemonics

Gastroenterology (GI) Physiology & Pharmacology Tutorial: Osmotic Laxatives and Mnemonics

Posted up~ May 7, 2015 Updated on May 7, 2015

Hyperosmotic laxatives:  Magnesium citrate, Magnesium hydroxide, polyethylene glycol and lactulose

Laxatives are a fairly at rest group of drugs to understand inasmuch as they all serve one purpose: to set off by contrast the patient from constipation. Magnesium hydroxide and lactulose are highlighted for the reason that they have other uses as well. Magnesium hydroxide is likewise an antacid (see previous post), and Lactulose is often used at the hospital to make terms hepatic encephalopathy for patients suffering from liver infirmity.

Mechanism of action

These drugs toil through osmosis: movement of take in ~ into an area with a higher reduction by evaporation of solutes. These results in the infantine in of water. Once these drugs put on the records of the court the intestine, the the concentration of solutes grow, causing water to pull in to the intestinal lumen. This stimulates a bowel mental action.

Mechanism of action of lactulose and hepatic encephalopathy:

Because lactulose is a non-digestable flatter, the intestinal mucosa does not occupy the ability to metabolize this careful sugar. Only the intestinal flora is efficient to metabolize lactulose by using their acknowledge enzymes. The gut flora metabolizes lactulose into acids (lactic pricking and acetic acid). This lowers the pH of the colon. The sour environment as a result of a higher digit of H+ ions results in converting alkaline air (NH3+) to a non-absorbable mould (NH4+). This results in the excreted matter of ammonia. Thus, this is a powerfully yield drug that treats hepatic encephalopathy (which is due to an increase in volatile alkali in the blood due to liver failure).

Side movables of hyper osmotic drugs:

diarrhea: these are laxatives in like manner don’t take too much!

dehydration: you are losing a lot of water because of the osmotic venture of water. Make sure you drink a al~ment of water.


MAGNETsium is a attire MAGNET. It pulls you towards the bathroom! (Think natural ~ also in terms  of the osmotic pull, this will make you remember that magnesium is a osmotic active element).

Dr, I like-to-lose (LAC-TU-LOSE) this amount of alkaline air, please!

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