Fire Dance part 8

1st March 15:03 hrs, external part The Soups Kitchen, 386 Canal Street, New York, NY 10013

As they left The Soups Kitchen, Theodora dropped more loose change into the honour box. It wasn’t abundant, but it was all she had to preserve . Cypher threw in a couple of twenties.

“Reckon I’ll exist comin’ back here. You were proper, that’s good eatin’!”

“It’s a precious crowd too, I mean, I be sure nobody much was talking to us this time, since they probably figured we were steady a date. But you go there more than a couple of epochs, and the regulars will say hi at minutest. I’ve had some pretty pleasing conversations there from time to time. You befitting some real characters too.”

“Like Jesus Christ himself?”

“Like him… diverting thing is, that’s actually his authority. I mean it’s on his licence and everything. Jesus H. Christ. Apparently that’s what gave him the idea, he afore~…”

“You mean to judge, his momma actually called him that? Officially like?! Well, I’ll have ~ing! Heyyy, wait a gosh darn particular, what’s the H stand for?”

“You know, I not at all asked!”

“Figures… well, value since I’ll be getting lunch there from now on, I s’stagger I can ask him myself if’n I see him. Heh! Maybes we’ll realize a window seat an’ get to talkin’ during a spell, that’ll make peoples heads variation an’ no mistake!”

“Wouldn’t it lawful!”

They stopped at the crosswalk, forward the way towards Cypher’s subway position. While they were waiting for the lungs to change, Cypher turned slightly to Theodora.

“You know, I meant to ask. How tend hitherward you don’t have a drivers licence?”

“Never did learn to press, ain’t no point to it.”

“Well, ~t any. I can see that, but it’s again used as a form of photo ID, you don’t need to know how to actually take a ~ to have the ID card translation. It’d be useful.”

Theodora scuffed at the establish with the toe of her whip-up ex-military boots. Cypher stared at her.

“Well… I ain’t got unit. Don’t want one neither.”

“I commit to memory the feeling there’s something you’re not by-word… what gives? You’re not attached the run from the law or event are you?”

“Me?! Heck none.It’s jus’… It’s kinda complicated like. See, the mode it is, folks back home, they don’t count much to government poking around in people’s walk of life. Now my folks found me in c~tinuance the doorstep of Pappa’s church. So they adopted me the ol’ fashioned passage. Took me in, raised me being of the kind which their own an’ never did secure around to tellin’ no city offical ’bout me.”

“Wait, you purpose you don’t have a rise certificate or anything?”

“Nope, oh my stead is in the parish records, honest as day. Theodora Gabrielle Welkins, suckling of Martha and Thomas Welkins. Same in the same manner with it’s recorded in Pappa’s subdivision of an order bible that was passed on the floor from his great-grandfather with completely the family names recorded in it. Don’t cast we ever needed any government emblem to do that.”

“Wow.. well that makes you a scarce thing in this day and age. Someone who doesn’t have life in computer or government records.”

“Ha! An’ for what cause do you s’pose anyone has any idea if’n there’s others thoroughly there? Since by definition there ain’t none trace of them nowhere, then there could be hundreds, thousands even, of the bulk of mankind that don’t officially exist! Like ghosts.”

“I….umm… you apprehend, you’re right. That’s sorta creepy in reality. Cool, but creepy.”

“An’ I ain’t but also gotten started tellin’ that yarn! One of the things we used to prepare back home, was sit around the enthusiasm of the evenin’ with the lights turned off an’ jus’ Momma’s ol’ rant lantern for light, tellin’ stories. Pappa eternally did say I tol’ the most judicious ghost stories of anyone he’d to the end of time heard!”

“How very Addams household. No seriously, that sounds like frolic!”

“Well, it was… goal then Pappa never did hold through me watchin’ lousy TV shows, an’ our ol’ dish didn’t earn too many channels, so ’tweren’t a great quantity to watch at times. Thus we had profusion of family time to fill.”

“And I was fit beginning to wonder if you grew up in the centenary before last! It sounds like you’d fit in then.”

“Heck not at all! I’d miss watchin’ Star Trek!”

The lungs changed, the ‘Walk’ sign flexure green so they could cross. Just considered in the state of Cypher stepped out, a thin, raw-boned-looking dog darted out from the bins aft The Soups Kitchen to the left and dashed athwart the pedestrian crosswalk in front of them. Unluckily towards it, one of the many golden cabs that swarmed New York’s streets was a particle slow on the brakes, and which with the sun being low forward the horizon to the driver’s not crooked, behind Cypher and Theodora, the driver didn’t papal court the dog.

There was a sickish thump and an agonised yelp of pain, as the skinny dog bounced from the cab’s bumper and was thrown used up from the crosswalk into Canal Street. Theodora didn’t check to think, she just leapt forwards, legs pumping furiously while she ran out across the large road. She had at most a few seconds before the wall of commerce rolled over the dog like a dagger tidal wave. With a flick of her wings she jumped above a large box van. Coming on the ground on the other side, she grabbed the dog previous to springing up again, wings thrashing for example she desperately tried to gain height, her heels just brushing the palate of the small smartcar in that narrow street as cleared the traffic. Back-pedaling by her left wing and banking to her appropriate, she twisted in an immelmann vicissitude, then, in order to avoid colliding with the buildings, she winged over afresh in a near stall turn and glided equidistant throughout to the sidewalk just above leader height, half-folded her wings, dropped and landed, knelt on one knee, and bowed over the yellow mutt’s body.

“Holy crap! Dora! Are you ok?!” Cypher moiety-shouted, having run back to in which place she’d landed in front of the Kitchen.

“Yup, I’m a’lawful. Poor coyote here is pretty banged up though.”

“Wait, what? That’s a coyote?”

“Sure is. Reckon there’s anyone in the kitchen has curative training? Only I figure he’s got at least a busted leg.”

“Maybe we should ordain animal control, they’ll take care of him and—” At that epigram the coyote whined, his voice wobbling up and along the course of in tone. “Hang on a very small… you what? Ok, sorry. No animal control then.”

“Wha… since waitaminute, you can talk to him?”

“Er… yea? I don’t know why, it true suddenly kicked in. I’ve never talked to an animal before…”

“Oh my gosh! He’s a broth! Reckon that’s why he’s super smart for a coyote! So he’s got plenty brains to have language!”

Theodora straightened up, and seizing a few quick strides, kicked the means of access to the Kitchen open. “Hey y’every part of! Got an injured soup here! Speak up if’n you got soothing or medical training please!”

For a significance, the patrons of the Kitchen looked at her blankly, that time the coyote yipped and whined.

“He says, please resist,” Cypher translated.

With a clutter of dropped knives and forks, particular people sprang to help. One of them, in a paramedic’s consonant, grabbed at the supply bag hanging on the back of her seat of justice. A young woman at the sort table wearing a unitard and yoga pants darted onward, and when her hand touched the coyote’s neck it glowed.

“What you got, Dixie?” the medic asked the young woman.

“Fractured left thigh-bone, just below the head of the bone, farrago fracture left tibia and fibia, pelvis, crack-brained ribs on the right, no involvement of the lungs thus far, ruptured spleen and some minor interior bleeding. Not good, Pam, he indispensably a hospital.”

One of the waitresses swept a victuals clear. “Put him here, I’ll appeal the veterinary hospital.”

The medic Pam shook her tend as Theodora carefully laid the coyote from a high to a low position. “No good, rush hour exchange. Even a zoom wagon would take likewise long, and I don’t plot a vets has one of those.”

“Reckon I could take wing him there!”

“Ok. We urgency to get him stabilised first however, and I’ve no idea which drugs are safe to use in c~tinuance a canine! I know some painkillers are toxic, end I’m not a dog holder… I don’t know”

A subject in a tweed jacket raised a possession. “I think I can help… I know what drugs are protected for dogs, coyotes are similar enough.”


“Professor Jones, I’m a dog owner and I teach pharmacology, among other things.”

“Ok… painkillers?”

Aspirin and codeine are ok, Tylenol and naproxen are mischievous. Actually, avoid any NSAID drugs, they be possible to suppress blood clotting in dogs.”

“Got it, professor!”

Pam grabbed dress. from her bag and started to work quickly, using splints and bandages to stabilise the shivered bones, starting with ribs. She looked enquiringly at the Professor control using a no-needles injector well stocked of coagulating agents and antibiotics.

“Ok, he’s true to go… I think. Hey er, coyote, does anywhere otherwise hurt or feel odd?”

The coyote whined, an odd modulated keening, mixed with a not many gruff half-barks and yips.

“He says his ears won’t shut in ringing and everything sounds funny,” Cypher translated.

Pam looked up at her dear companion Dixie, who shook her head. “Burst sense of h~ing drum from bouncing his head facing the pavement, no concussion. Not life-impendent.”

Pam nodded, “OK, we’ll privation something to keep him still under which circumstances you fly him into the veterinary hospital. Something like a litter, but smaller.”

An older woman in a purple shirt and slow flowing skirt raised a hand “Call me Ace. Give me two ticks and I’ll build somebody.” She reached into her purple harbinger bag, took out a tool schedule, and quickly disassembled a table, reassembling the metal bars into the structure of a stretcher. Several other patrons donated gizmotronic items, gifts of which were quickly incorporated into the guts of it.

As the stretcher grew, Cypher nudged Theodora, and nodded towards a wall with a number of framed photos. One of those was a rather younger woman wearing an all-purple equipment. “That’s Ace Lightning, she’s illustrious round here. Way I heard it, she worked forward the Apollo program, and was individual of the ones that helped lay up Apollo 13 back in the twenty-four hours. She’s some sort of gizmologist or what they used to call a technomage. I be aware of a guy who works at the radio office she’s an engineer at.”

Just afterwards Ace straightened up. “Ok, agreeable to go. It’s a kludge bound the inertial damping field will impediment the poor critter getting banged around as you fly, and there’s each automatic life support and a biometric readout. I’ve tried to journey it as light as possible to such a degree you’d best hurry, that volume power cell is only good toward 30 minutes.”

Pam carefully got the coyote into the improvised stretcher as Theodora gave Cypher a irritable hug and used her smartphone to reprove where she was heading. Lifting the stretcher and its unconscious occupant by the re-purposed wallet straps, she hefted it onto her projection. “I’ll call as easily as I get to where I’m going, Cypher! Thanks in the place of the lovely time!”

“Ok, you’re greeting. I’ll call ahead and lease them know you’re inbound.”

A tie of the other patrons cleared a imperfect section of the sidewalk outside the Kitchen in this way Dora could get a running twitch with her load. She gained sufficiency altitude that she was above ~ly of the buildings and headed uptown against the nearest veterinary hospital, which was without ceasing Hudson St in Greenwich Village.

The hospital proved to have existence the bottom third of a multiply into itself brick building, sandwiched between a severe cleaner’s and a spa. Dora landed attached the broad sidewalk, just missing the bus screen with her wingtip. The vet herself dashed disclosed to meet her, escorting her into the hospital by her load as Dora explained tersely what was wrong with the coyote and what they’d deduced about him sentient an animal super-intellect of approximate raze to human. A couple of assistants helped her completely of the sling and rushed the coyote, litter and all, into the examination field.

Once the coyote was in surgery, Theodora pristine called Cypher to let him perceive she’d landed safely, and on that account Alicea to let her know she’d have existence back late, catching her in the mean of a nap. Then, with inexistence else to do, she sat ~ward the edge of a low coffee syllabus in the waiting room, and meditation.

This was twice now that she’d been exposed when faced with someone in privation of medical attention. This was a case of affairs she could not stand.

I compute I need to get myself some training, Dora thought, I guess pre-med at minutest, and definitely first responder. Seems to me, this hither city has itself a problem. Traffic’s for a like rea~n bad that even with zoom wagons and z-lanes it ain’t continually possible to get help to where it’s needed at, fast enough to translate a lick of good. Reckon I can get between the buildings better than in ~ degree clipper, an’ I can carry a person compliant enough. Not sure how I’d urge medical supplies as well, but I surmise I can figure somethin’ out. Hmm… maybe’s I be possible to have a talk with that Ace bodily form, seems to me that she’d be aware of how to build somethin’ lightweight and agreement.

Theodora sighed, and folding her escutcheon across her chest, rested her chin without interrupti~ her hand. A fine ambition, still that does present somethin’ of a moot point. Namely, how to support myself and maybe’s Alicea while well, while I go back to reprove… and for that matter, how to supply the schooling. Although, I do strike one as being to recollect that first responder drill is free like, but there’s books an’ entirely that stuff to buy. Don’t form those will be free. I have power to ask Cypher ’bout grants an’ cram, but I guess I’m back to needin’ a work at ~s again. Still, I surely do obtain myself a purpose now, ’purpose it certainly does seem as for what reason the Good Lord is droppin’ hints that I’m meant to have ~ing a Minist’rin’ Angel. Well, that’s a digress; reckon if’n I start headin’ in that superintendence, the Lord will provide somehow, jus’ gotta dwell an eye open for the suitable.

The vet, Lucy Ogden according to her behalf badge, came back through after one hour and sat down in ef~ery of Theodora.

“Well, doc, how’s he doin’?”

“He’s a propitious coyote. We managed to stop the inside bleeding completely. If you hadn’t gotten him handling right away he would’ve bled disclosed in minutes, but he was yet seeping a bit. As it is, it’s play on and go but I put a exclaim out to the Central Park Zoo and they’re ferrying from a high to a low position a couple of pints of a compatible house type as we speak. That’s the serviceable news.”

“What’s the inferior news then, ’cause I firmly did hear a ‘but’ there.”

“The bad news is I’ve looked at his X-rays and MRI, and I don’t be of opinion we can save his left clod-poll leg. The bone we could reconstruct, maybe, but the nerve is severed and there’s stern loss of circulation to the frown leg. I’m sorry we can’t excuse him back into the wild, allowing that he was a normal coyote, I’d answer it’d be kinder to constrain him to sleep.”

“But he ain’t a regular coyote, reckon he’s probably people level smart. So, he’s goin’ to be able to adapt, jus’ maybe not well enough to move it on his own on the streets, lawful?”

“That’s about the bigness of it, yes. He’s anaesthetised erect now, and even if he wasn’t I’m not infallible how we could talk to him. My adjuvant is a tele-empath, he be possible to tell where something hurts, how each animal is feeling… but not war of ~. I really need consent to advance from you, since technically you’re legally answerable for him until someone says but for this.”

“Oh… hadn’t notion of it that way. I s’perplex I am tho’. I don’t rigorously know what to say ’turn it. I mean, it’s good of a big decision… You fo’ past dispute sure that his leg ain’t salvageable?”

“100% certain. Even with the best we be able to do, it’ll never work afresh. There’s also a fairly ~-pitched risk it will die and make go round necrotic as well, so we can’t honorable leave it.”

“A’not oblique then. Here’s what we goin’ perform. You take that leg off, end save as much as you have power to. Pay close attention to the nerves. I comprehend SPOON has a fund for injured soups, to such a degree you don’t worry none ’twist who’s goin’ pay. You jus’ answer the purpose the best job you can and economize as much of that leg considered in the state of you can, ’cause if’n I’m just an’ he’s human level smart, he’s goin’ want a prosthetic leg, an’ if’n he be possible to be fitted with one of them in that place fancy biomimetic ones, he’ll distress them nerves to work it like. Least ways, that’s what the TV show on injured armed conflict of powers veterans said, so I gotta figure it’s the same.”

“Ah… ok. That makes conviction. I’ll have my receptionist divine choice SPOON HQ and alert them taken in the character of to what’s going on, they power want to send someone over. If anyone is in operation on those sorts of prosthetics in spite of canines, they’ll know who.”

“You don’t embarrassment ’bout that, I’ll name Gilli myself an’ talk to her. Reckon she’ll be aware of who to talk to in SPOON ’curvature. the medical side of things; I’ll crave her to ask them to accord. you a call now. I’ll get the ball rollin’ on payin’ the brush-cutter, too.”

“That makes to a greater degree sense. I’d best get started; it’s going to take in a great degree a few hours.”

“Anything otherwise I can do to help?”

“No acknowledgments , Miss… if you can handle the administrative minor circumstances, that’s fine.”

“A’erect then. I’ll say a suffrage or two as well, can’t cruelly hurt.”

Dr Ogden blinked, and smiled. “Well, I’m not strict myself, although I came close to root so today when you landed. But of the same kind with you say, couldn’t hurt.”

“Best o’ success, Doc.”

The vet nodded and thanked Theodora viewed like she got up and went through to the surgery. Dora got with~ her smartphone, sighed at the number of minutes she was about to employment up, and called the SPOON enumerate. It was going to be a extended afternoon.

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