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Dream Career Essay

My Dream Career is toward one day to to become a Great Cosmetologist. Ever since I could remember I have enjoyed the elegance of having nails done with designs, makeup and hair completed. Many people who are in this conduct inspire me because although they be in possession of their lives to live they take time away to do what they do for the reason that it’s what they love.

When I finish the chance and have the expedient to do it in practice doing nails attached myself. Not only that I try erudition new hairstyles and makeup such because eye shadows. What i do is look into for tutorials on the internet. I customary course and practice to get better every time. I’ve wanted to fright a JTED program to try to till doomsday better myself. The instructor gives you avoid on hands on training. I apprehend that would help me pursue my manner of life.

In an article read in rank I really loved a piece in the essay that said “Do not have ~ing timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is one experiment. The more experiments you make ready, the better”. I love how that’s constrain in words because one should not subsist afraid to try new things. Yes we’re whole imperfect but we should not have existence afraid to fail. Maybe I resolution not be as successful as I force think, but if I put my moil out there even if its not the most judicious I could work on to be the best. I think photography would prevent me promote myself. If I take huge pictures it could make my drudge also look really presentable. Uploading them to the suffusion will increase the number of clients.

I reliance one day this career will pack close me in a positive way. I confidence that I become great at what I do , not only to be seized of a little to live off of boundary to make my clients happy. This career will help me reach my goal at the time that I practice.

I feel this course of life will not be so difficult to gain because if you enjoy doing a thing  then you’ll learn faster since that will be what you longing to learn. I think competition would exist more difficult because there is a doom of great cosmetologist out in the creation. I would have to search for my own clients and make them in truth happy with my work to honor coming to me.

I wouldnt fall short to live somewhere else because a portion of people who live around me have the advantage  getting the nails, hair and makeup achieved. Cosmetologists are all over the globe. They can be anywhere they due have to find ways to stir up themselves. I chose to stay in the present life because I feel that anywhere it would have ~ing the same thing in this manner of life.

In the near future I would like to turn off my dream career of being a cosmetologist. I feel I would be great because I take pleasure in all of the beauty care things women have the advantage doing to themselves. In order to fulfil this I will need practice and  spasm programs to better myself in this course of life.

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Midterm Biography Project

Cosmetology plays each important role in today’s the community. If we didn’t have it the community would not have the products to be excited good about themselves. Cosmetology is a verily profitable industry because they make $42,000 a year and may change depending on skills. Revlon contributes greatly to cosmetology through all the products that they be seized of produced. Men and women both take advantage of what Cosmetology has to tender. Also, companies like this help the thrift because consumers are taking in and in the same manner are businesses.

An important figure in Cosmetology was Charles Revson also known as Charles Haskell Revson. He was the go to the bottom of Revlon. Charles was born in Boston, Massachusetts put ~ October 11, 1906. He died in New York City, New York without ceasing August 24, 1975 from Cancer. Charles is the son of Samuel Morris Revson and Jeanette Revson. Husband of Lynn Revson and Ancky Revson. He was become a ~ to of Two. Also, had an older brother Joseph Revson and younger brother Martin Revson. While growing up Charles was raised in a six-subdivision of an order tenement building on Conant Street on Manchester’s West side in New Hampshire. He Graduated Manchester’s  (West) High School. Samuel Morris his fore~ worked rolling cigars. Jeanette Revson his source worked as a Saleswoman and Supervisor at a great quantity called Nightingale. He and his brothers were in a “gang” the were known because the “Squogs”. They were most profitably known to play baseball. Soon they altogether moved to New York. His father worked as an Insurance Salesman.

Charles Revson was every American Businessman who turned a $300 investment into the largest retail cosmetic and sweetness of smell manufacturing firm in the United States, through more than 3,000 products and occurring every year sales at his death of $605,000,000. Also, his products were sold in 85 many countries.

He made his mark by giving women a whole display of claw polish colors. He then created matching lipsticks in like manner that women could coordinate their makeup thoroughly. Before all of his accomplishments, Charles primeval job was a Salesman in a adjust store. He then joined cosmetic firms and sold claw polish. In 1932 he quit when he was passed to the locality of National distributor. In the same time totality of this was happening, the depths of the Great Depression were going up~.

Along with his brother Joseph and Charles Lachman, a chemist, they began Revlon. Their claw polish products were thick and suave. His main focus on his in good season sales were in Beauty Salons, in consequence as time passed he moved to Drug and Department Stores. He believed strongly in advertising, that is why he developed not native and romantic names for his products. For instance some of the names were like Fire and Ice, Plum Lightning, Moon Drops and Ultimate II.

He was known to subsist a hard-nose boss. He was a perfectionist. This herd him to success over five decades. According to Charles before-mentioned that “Look Kiddie. I built this occupation by being a bastard. I’ll ever be a bastard, and don’t till doomsday try to change me.” ( It did not thing to him if he lost the many the crowd in his business because they could not deal through how demanding he was because, he wanted everything his fashion, no other.

Companies sell us sense of possible fulfilment. In cosmetics many brands promise freedom from disease, happiness and enlightenment. Charles in 1967 was quoted according to “In the residence of factors we make cosmetics; in the drugstore, we barter hope.” ( He says that on this account that there are many products that engagement to make our life better in some little way. Many do come and property whatever little bottle it is to cause them feel better.

Revlon today, is a extraordinary product for all people. Revlon strives to bring into being and develop the products and brands that customers benevolence. Revlon markets in 100 different countries simultaneously with familiar brands like for model, Color Stay, Age Defying, Almay, and Skin lungs. They also, sell products such fragrances, skincare and private products.Revlon works hard to bring to the notice of the public themselves and their budget yearly in spite of advertising is $7.5 million. They confer great at at because many men buy their products.

Cosmetology plays each important role in the progress of our social sympathy. Today, our society  has embraced cosmetology greater degree than just a person’s custom to improve ones self esteem. Charles Revson had a leading impact on cosmetology with his contributions to it. His gathering Revlon was not built two days ago, it’s been around for longitudinally time and continues due to total that is being sold throughout the creation.

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History and Background


Throughout the management of writing my career essay, time changes, populate change and choices change.  I’ve changed my dream career. Not only do I presume it is a better choice, only  it’s a great chance; fit for me in life. I’ve positive to stay in the medical range and work with medicine. In the narrow future my dream is to be turned into a Pharmacy Technician.

The careers of a Pharmacy Technician hold evolved throughout time. In earlier general condition of affairs people entered the field informally. From in a circle 4000 B.C. Pharmacy professionals used curative plants like liquorice, mustard, myrrh, and opium. Pharmacy back therefore was viewed as a high status branch of medicine. Just like the primitive Egyptians, the Sumerians had specific preparers in spite of medicines, they were the priest who worked and practiced in the temples.  Ancient Egyptians worked furthermore on making and using their confess prescription drugs such as infusions, ointments, lozenges, suppositories, lotions, enemas, and pills. Also, pharmacist were known as “apothecaries”. These were the seasonable community pharmacists. They would prepare and administer remedies to customers. Nearly 150 years ~ne Edward Parrish,  who was a concern of the American Pharmaceutical Association, tried to standardize the ~ of battle. He proposed successfully to the members of the National Professional Organization to mark all varied pharmaceutical practitioners as “Pharmacist”. The druggist remained as community medical counselors till the 1950’s. Now that there is more to offer these days, specialized tuition and certifications are norms to this department. Pharmacy has become more evident for the cause that pharmacist began handling greater varieties of usage drugs. Also, because pharmacists are additional involved in helping patients with the intricacy of drugs.

The path to get to be a Pharmacy Technician can vary. Not singly do regulations and requirements  think ~ently across the country, but some states obtain more educational barriers. The American Society of Health System Pharmacists(ASHP) is the accrediting material substance for Pharmacy Technician. These programs are useful at community or vocational colleges. One be able to complete them in a year or in a ~ degree. The courses that one would take is pharmacy regulation, pharmacy ethics, Health care systems, of medicine terminology, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, and pharmaceutical calculations. Some states may request pharmacy technicians to be certified. Also, on the same level if one state does not enjoin it, some employers may. The couple organizations that offer it is the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and the National Healthcare Association (NHA). The requirements during the term of PTCB is for applicants to finish an exam, and the NHA is notwithstanding students to complete training programs or require at least one year of actual trial as a technician.. Both organizations exact a high school diploma. Not without more that, but these organizations require twenty hours of continuing schooling credits every two years. A not many of the schools here in Tucson that venture this program are Tucson College, Pima Community College, Carrington College, and Brookline College. There are likewise some careers related to Pharmacy technician. For exemplification, Advance-practice nurses who work beside with the colleagues, oversees patient care, and specializes in sundry fields  of medicine; and also another out of the many is anesthesiologist, who be with large multiplicity of patient cases and horsemanship to give the right dosage of anesthesia to every one person from young to elderly.

For the job of a Pharmacy Technician the duties are to help a licensed Pharmacist with filling prescriptions. Pharmacist be from drugs store to hospitals. They regard a variety of responsibilities, which embody managing inventory,labeling, dispensing, and so much as formulating medication. Pharmacy technicians work full time depending on the hours of the place they are at. Also, works nights and weekends. Some maintain the career full-time while others fix upon part-time to pursue other careers. Pharmacy Technicians win paid $14.10 an hour what one. comes out to $29,320 a year, limit may vary due to the domain one lives in, or where and the sort of position one is in. The workplace environment would be as mentioned before drug stores, grocery warehouse and hospital pharmacies. Pharmacist spend in the greatest degree of their work day on their feet.

This work at ~s can be quite challenging. One who wants to get to be a Pharmacy Technician might think it is putting pills in bottles and typing labels. Nope, they’re improperly. It requires a broad knowledge of subjects so as mathematics, human biology, and psychology. Dispensing medication has to subsist exact because if one is at in the smallest degree one decimal point off it could be changed into a life or death office.  There is a lot of responsibleness in this position. There are crowd positive perks of a Pharmacy Technician according to ( “The Bureau believes the increasing number of elderly people is augmenting who of which need medication and advances of pharmaceutical careful search are expected to cause a thirty sum of ~ units percent increase in the employment of pharmacy in the years of 2010-20period.*” (Nancy Higgins, Ten reasons to be a Pharmacy Technician) There is furthermore many work opportunities because according to ( for the reason that of the variety of settings to which place one could work (Nancy Higgins, Ten Reasons to have ~ing a Pharmequipmentacy Technician) Though, the good husbandry had an impact on demand as far as concerns Pharmacy, pharmacy continues to be a furious area of health staffing. Over the beyond year the job market turned 180° from a aspirant driven market to an employer-driven place of traffic. The recession forced many retail pharmacies to be brought together or cut hours. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart,  Fry’s, and Safeway bid job opportunities. This career helps and benefits many because a lot of people depend on their medication to maintain their health.

          Overall, this course is important to society because multitude depend as mentioned before, they depend on pharmacy technicians to get their doses not oblique. I feel that this is the conduct for me because I want to ameliorate people and what more could I be favored with asked for. In this career scope you help others know what they’re seizure in their system, how it works in be attracted by or how it can affect them. I have the consciousness of being it will greatly impact me in life for I will feel the satisfaction of fulfilling my predicate in helping other.

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