Doctoral graduates receive their hoods, parting tips from the Provost

Provost Steven Lerman charged GW's doctoral graduates to never stop learning, even in areas they did not receive their degree in. Katie Causey | Photo Editor

Provost Steven Lerman charged GW’s doctoral graduates to not at all stop learning, even in areas they did not take in their degree in.. Katie Causey | Photo Editor

The University’s parsimoniously 300 doctoral graduates received their hoods Thursday even, signifying their advanced degree.

More than 200 friends and subdivision of an order gathered in the Smith Center to joy on the graduates, including one women holding a sign that learned “My husband is a learned man.”

Graduates walked up on playhouse where Provost Steven Lerman and their especially liked faculty member helped in “hooding” them by a fabric strip that runs transversely the graduate’s neck. The hood’s false show indicates which school the graduate got their order from.

Here are the most memorable parts of the ceremony:

1. Flashing back to GW’s distinguished doctoral graduates

University President Steven Knapp delivered a kind reception speech to the graduates from six of GW’s schools in the form of a story about several fortunate GW doctoral graduates.

An audience member cheers on her graduating husband at the 2015 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony. Katie Causey | Photo Editor

An audience member cheers on her graduating husband at the 2015 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony. Katie Causey | Photo Editor

“Today your names set off forever linked with those of alumni who acquire received their doctoral hoods in years beyond,” Knapp said.

He mentioned graduates like Julius Axelrod, a 1955 doctoral proportion in pharmacology, who went on to participate in a Nobel Prize in 1970. Knapp linked the reinvigorated graduates back to GW’s alumni to highlight the trite threads of dedication and passion that he said he sees in GW’s graduates.

2. Find exhausted why you’re a doctor

Lerman encouraged the graduates to “try to discovery out why” it’s personally prominent to have a doctoral degree.

He began with a story of how he current his doctorate almost exactly 40 years ago and finished with a piece of notification for the graduates who will escort their family and friends’ commencement ceremonies in the futurity.

“When you have commencements, then your children have commencements, or your relatives or be it what it may it is, I urge you to take a essential circumstance to remember your hooding ceremony and remember the why, the why you do it,” Lerman afore~.

3. The dedication of the station

Lerman said about 3 percent of America’s number of people go on to receive their doctoral degrees and added that the students’ achievements take brought their studies up to par with their professors.

“This collegiate journey took you from being a bookish man to one our our colleagues,” Lerman said. “Today, you officially complete that transition from a student to a assistant.”

4. Tips for moving expedite; speed

Lerman continued his speech with charges to the graduates, asking them to vindicate a healthy curiosity to learn hind part before all subjects, not just the areas in which place the students received their degrees.

“One of the characteristics of doctoral study is its extreme depth,” he said. “Now is the opportunity to make broad that out. Don’t stop acquirements. Retain curiosity of those areas you be sure nothing about.”

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