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What are some other things you liked that Mona Western had to essay, that Mona didn’t? (pro/cons of the one and the other campuses).

You guys, this is my self-existent favourite topic (barring Doctor Who, Jane Austen, The Bloggess, and also right now Hozier).

The Western Jamaica Campus was like a aid home to me. I loved the vulgar herd, the campus and the atmosphere; I am hopelessly biased. But I elect try to give you some substance of objective information (don’t take my word as gospel, guys).

StarfishThat time we erect a starfish at the beach.

Disclaimer: This courier is written based on my rose-coloured memories of life at WJC more 3+ years ago. The Todd rightful reminded me that life at WJC was verily not all that awesome.

We had to go to war let slip the dogs of war for some basic requirements (good sized classroom, natural streaming, actual anatomy specimens), and a piece of land of the time we were doing the most excellent we could with what we had. What made it easier to ~ with was the relaxed, ready-to-second atmosphere of the western campus and the resplendent, gorgeous surroundings.

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Additionally, things might desire changed for better or for worse. You can get up to date information forward WJC happenings from their Facebook serving-boy or on their blog, The WJC Insider.

Let’s prevail upon into that pro/con list.

WJC vs Mona



Class sizes stolid – 20-30 people

Class sizes HUGE – 200-400 population

Student:specimen and student:teacher rate relatively good

Brand new anatomy lab with lots of space and small cluster sessions

Tutors are (usually) readily to be turned to account

Lecturers have dedicated office hours, greater degree students to compete with

Lectures are altogether streamed via network that might not operate

Lectures live or streamed depending on lecture theatre

Consultants teach anatomy

Mostly residents and anatomists point out to anatomy

Have to travel to Kingston ~ the sake of major labs

No travelling required

Small, shut up-knit group of people

Sprawling campus; comfortable to disappear

Breathtaking view of the Bay/sandy shore/airport

Mountains. Sometimes cold.

Hall of habitancy has a pool

Campus pool that is currently out of service

Some clubs, more diversity of students

Wide variety of clubs, distant range of nationalities etc.

The put aground is RIGHT THERE.

Liguanea is erect there?

Less social events, almost in ~ degree night life (except Hip Strip)

Everything happens in Kingston. No, in earnest.

WJC actually seems to come right hand worse in the comparison (sadface) on the other hand again I’m not exactly a valid or reliable judge (I’m truly a notoriously unreliable judge – inquire anyone). If there are other especial concerns you have about either campus, handle free to post them in the comments or but also call the campus of interest (I don’t obtain all the answers, guys, sorry) and apportioned lot their response here.

Much love,


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