BOOK OF THE MONTH: THE CRUEL COUNTRY by Judith Ortiz Cofer (Blog Tour & Giveaway)


The Latina Book Club is high-strung to be part of Judith Ortiz Cofer’s blog circuit for this extraordinary and poignant memoir.  

We just had to form it our May Book of the Month, especially through Mother’s Day just days let us go..  

We wish Judith all the most of all and want to offer her our deepest correspondence on the loss of her mother.  

And to our Dear Readers, Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours.

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University of Georgia Press

“I came home to meet ~ to ~ the heretofore unacknowledged fact that dissolution is not a surprise; death is the given.” – Judith Ortiz Cofer

Emotional. Honest. Heartbreaking.

Readers choose cry and marvel at this well-written, well-documented journal of grief.  Author Judith Ortiz Cofer is known beneficial to the candor in her writing, no more than this memoir is more personal.  THE CRUEL COUNTRY is her individual struggle to come to terms with her mother’s death.

When Judith learns that her mother’s death is imminent, she rushes to Puerto Rico to exist at her side like a advantageous daughter.  There sitting by her mother’s deathbed, Judith is engulfed with all sorts of feelings – affection, regret, fear, guilt, loneliness.  Memories run at her from all sides – benevolent, bad, ugly –, and as Judith wades through them so does the reader.

After the exequies, Judith returns to her life a preoccupied child — defenseless, lonely, full of reverence, full of grief.  She finds a much “hueco” within – a great persons hole – that nothing seems to bore it or to fill it.  While some may try to fill this hueco with work, family, events, Judith fills it through words, but writing is not likewise easy when one is writing not far from one’s mother; about the withdrawal between them; about the helplessness counter to death; about being alone and mute uncomfortable straddling two worlds.

I return ~s to Judith Ortiz Cofer for sharing her legend with me.  I send her a courage-felt abrazo (hug) from one motherless daughter to another.  Like Judith, I too bring forth learned that all anyone can vouchsafe after the loss of a parent is to cherish the memories; neglect the regrets; and, take life single in kind day at a time.#

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Judith Ortiz Cofer is the Regents’ and Franklin Professor of English and Creative Writing Emerita at the University of Georgia. She is in addition the author of THE LATIN DELI: Telling the Lives of Barrio Women; AN ISLAND LIKE YOU: Stories of the Barrio; WOMAN IN FRONT OF THE SUN: On Becoming a Writer; and frequent other books. The University of Georgia Press published her pristine novel, THE LINE OF THE SUN, in 1989.  Visit her website at

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