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Recently, Ben E. King died at the time of 76. I’m writing this scrap in recognition of his life, and the same of his classic songs, Stand By Me. But greater amount of importantly, in my frame of affection, is to recognize one of the unrelated singers who added to the symphony for they shall remain nameless and in addition make a lasting contribution to science of harmonical sounds. Their voices live on in recordings, end their names and lives fad into the out of the reach of, unknown.

The song, Stand By Me, has ~-spun haunted my thoughts for two reasons. First, it became the designation of a film adapted from a Stephen King friable story, probably one of the good in the highest degree adaptations of one of his works. I won’t doings into the details of the story, but if you haven’t seen it, you should accord. it a try, especially if you are a teenaged male child. There is a special bond portrayed exquisitely described ~ the agency of King.

Secondly, on a more individual note, the song reminds me of a coworker I was favored to meet while working at SmithKline Beecham, at that time GlaxoSmithKline. For a period of a year or such our pharmacology group produced a monthly newsletter. I somehow got involved and was assigned the work of interviewing members of the dispose to record their biographies. For the greatest in quantity part, they were interesting individuals through a rich life removed from the body. One individual, Mildred, agreed to accord. me an interview and I remember it to this sunlight, and is the inspiration for this part.

Mildred was a black woman and I interviewed her somewhere around 1990. With only a superior school education, she managed to hold good a job as a lab tech; today that would subsist impossible. Education is now the starting place long before an interview is obtained. As I rescind, she came from a large line of ancestors and there was not enough currency to send her to college, although I thinks some of her siblings did hound higher education.  When I interviewed Mildred, she fust have been in her fifties and gained employ in cardiovascular pharmacology with skilled hands and a thin brain. I had seen her encompassing the labs, but never got to be aware of her until the interview.

She granted me one interview and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to get to be aware of this woman, I am sure, similar to few of her coworkers knew her. She was each individual associated with stardom, but forever remaining unknown, never reaping the rewards of their grant.

Mildred while pursuing her science rush in Philadelphia, was also a backup vocalist for recordings during the early years of rock n’ roll. As you all be assured of, Philadelphia was a mecca for science of harmonical sounds and here before me sat a woman who was work of it. Here was a woman, sitting before me wearing a white lab cover who was an unspoken part of music history. As I sat talking to this woman, I could singly imagine the records to which she had contributed. This is the rational faculty that whenever I hear, Stand By Me, I point of convergence on the backup singers and look upon of Mildred.

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