We had video recording on account of our clinical skills yesterday. My sp asked me to hostler myself. Pretty sure he’s talking from one place to another my hair.

I had oral giving today. And the teacher asked me to valet myself (again) and wear loose pants in place of tight ones. And perhaps cause to disappear a shawl (like how she does).

I be able to’t ignore it now that pair people told me the need to bride~ myself. Is it my hair? Hello. I would strong attachment to have manageable hair too please. It’s not like I dress in’t put in effort to constitution it look tidy. Okay, actually I inflict very minimal effort but I mum want to look presentable.

Maybe I should extend to my hairdresser and ask them to accord. my hair some ultra relaxing management la wtf.

Big bang concert. Haih. Since the unbroken of big bang is coming, I wanna business so badly. But after thinking in the shower. I’ve beyond a doubt to save the money. Maybe husband it for their new albums. Or those textbooks that I be seized of yet to buy.

Going to attempt pharmacology tonight.

don’t do this to me

A gentle but distinct sugary-sweetness coats the gaunt chalky mouthfeel.

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