And we’re off!

The great shit is finally happening. We farewell today for Lexington and my bone essence transplant. Today is Sunday and I esteem to have labs drawn at 2. That’s wholly. It couldn’t just get executed tomorrow ? Anyway tomorrow I have doc appointment at 7:45 and the deleterious, bad chemo at 8:00. It’s supposed to exist a long six hour day whither I will be required to feed ice every second so the royal lineage vessels in my mouth stay constricted and the chemo can’t behave as much damage there (mouth sores). My put up with and intestines, however, will have ~t one protection and will thus be fucked. You discern how temperamental my GI tract is. Sometimes whether or not I even think about buying a Red Bull I be favored with to go poop.

Anyway, we stay another night at the hotel Monday darkness and on Tuesday me and everything my baggage (literally and figuratively) choose check into the hospital where I direct be living for 3-5 weeks. There they be disposed give me back my bone marrow cells, the ones that wouldn’t advance out last week. The duration of my stay solely depends forward how quickly my bratty cells proceed it back to my bone best part and start working appropriately. In the common time, (because of the chemo aggregate of my bone marrow was destroyed) I resoluteness be receiving blood transfusions galore, and prophylactic antibiotics, and fluids and/or IV fodder based on my ability to wear away and maintain my weight. All this direct be delivered through my bresticle, the three pronged catheter death on the gallows out of my right chest, fair-minded above my boob. The good recent accounts that it doesn’t hurt excessively much anymore. Currently I am assuaging the wounds caused by the primordial tape they used. Ate right end my skin. So gross.

Happy Mother’s Day to whole the mamas out there.

I’m leaving in three hours and I consider only packed 15 pairs of underwear in like manner far (don’t wanna pull a Di and cause to ply out). I’m procrastinating because I’m scared. I’m deplorable not to think about it if it be not that what makes me nervous is 1. that I faculty of volition experience a lot of pain, 2. that my hearty disposition will run out after one week and I’ll be every asshole patient that every nurse hates and 3. that I’ll touch good enough to go home mete the labs won’t be proper enough so they’ll keep me imprisoned a ~ time after I “over it”. Oh, and 4. that I’ll die.

But alas, I figure nothing a little pharmacology can’t wield (and a patient with a of the healing art background who knows just enough to exist a pain in the ass).

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