(USA-TX-San Antonio) Registered Nurse Practitioner – Hospice

The Hospice Nurse Practitioner provides of the healing art care to patients of all ages through a focus on health promotion and disease prevention. Duties include history and material exams, diagnosis and treatment of healing problems, ordering and interpretation of characteristic and laboratory tests, education and counseling of individuals, families and groups, and termination of health care examinations. The Hospice Nurse Practitioner participates in the care of the hopsice persevering in an independent and interdependent role, in subordination to the supervision of the Medical Director, by collaborating with one or more physicians, and may province in the role of Hospice Attending Physician admitting that selected by the patient at the time of introduction.

Must be a graduate of some approved school and licensed as a Registered Nurse in the category in which he/she currently practices.

Must exist certified as a Nurse Practitioner in the category in which he/she currently practices and be delivered of a minimum of 3 years’ clinical RNP actual trial.

Must have demonstrated experience in hospice, lenitive care or a related field of nursing and ~y understanding and acceptance of hospice principles of care.

Must bring forth demonstrated knowledge and well-developed skills in healing art, pharmacology, pain and symptom control, and psychology of destruction.

Must have knowledge of regulatory requirements and Medicare Conditions of Participation.

At least 5 years’ nursing experience with single year in Hospice work is preferred.

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