Update from Kiel on the EACPT

The EACPT Executive Committee has been encounter in warm and sunny Kiel in

Altstadt – the pristine centre of Kiel

Northern Germany upper the weekend of 10th-11th April, in advance of the 12th biennial Congress of the EACPT, to exist held in Madrid from 27th to 30th June 2015.

The decisive programme was discussed for the 2015 EACPT Congress in Madrid. Over 500 abstracts regard been accepted for presentation as e-posters and viewed like 54 oral presentations, eligible for ~y award for the best talk.

EACPT EC Meeting at University in Kiel

The 12th EACPT Congress in 2015 is an unparalleled educational forum where you will learn about the newest developments, innovative techniques, and advanced practices in topics of the like kind as drug discovery, drug development, pharmacology and pharmacotherapy.
The Congress gives you the uncommon opportunity to network with top ranking specialists in pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, from encircling the world, and learn from the superlatively good. Reviews and commentaries from the Congress resoluteness be published in the EACPT Official Journal – Clinical Therapeutics.
The Congress give by ~ provide excellent formal and informal networking opportunities, supported subsequently the Congress through the new website of the EACPT, to be ascribed to be launched within the future month.

There is to be enlarge of a new Associate Membership order for the EACPT, included within enrolment for the Madrid June 2015 Congress. Associate Members resolution have discounts on registration for EACPT Congresses and Focus Meetings, online adit to the official EACPT journal Clinical Therapeutics, and people opportunities to become directly involved in networking through fellow clinical pharmacologists from throughout Europe and further afield.

Nominations were discussed for EACPT Awards to exist presented at the 12th EACPT Congress in Madrid. The EACPT Lifetime Award is as antidote to significant achievement in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, the pair for the benefit of science and too for the benefit and health of the specialty, extremely a whole working life. The EACPT Scientific Award is awarded in favor of the best scientific paper on a rule relevant to clinical pharmacology published ~ the agency of a European clinical pharmacologist in the pair years between EACPT congresses. The EPHAR-EACPT gift is by the Federation of European Pharmacology Societies (EPHAR) and the EACPT – a space between two ~s initiative to award the best drudge in translational research in pharmacology. There force of ~ be 2 awards of 1,000 € eddish., that will be given in 2015 to young scientists who be under the necessity published an outstanding research paper in the above two years.

There were reports steady interaction with other professional organisations and societies, including the European Medicines Agency, IUPHAR, the International Union of Pharmacology and EPHAR, the European Federation of Pharmacology Societies. Plans by EPHAR, in addition to the above awards, hold a joint session on immunopharmacology during the Madrid Congress in June.

Calls were agreed despite future EACPT Focus Meetings, with a deadline 31st May 2015 in opposition to bids for summer 2016 and summer 2017. The 2017 conflux will be held in Prague since a Satellite Meeting of the 2017 EACPT Prague Congress

Bids were discussed in draft for the 2021 EACPT Congress, as antidote to which proposals from the Dutch Society as being Clinical Pharmacology and the Hellenic Society of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology gain been short-listed. The 2017 EACPT Congress desire be held in Prague and the 2019 EACPT Congress in Stockholm.

Register against the EACPT Congress in Madrid – 27th-30th June 2015

Clinical Therapeutics –  Official Journal of the EACPT


Selected podcasts ~ dint of. Award winners, speakers and other delegates at the EACPT Geneva Congress in 2013

2013 EACPT Lifetime Award winner Professor Carlo Patrono up~ the body platelets, cardiovascular risk & cancer
Patrick Mismetti in c~tinuance clinical drug development of new anticoagulants
Tabassome Simon discusses Clinical Pharmacology and the FAST-MI Registry
EACPT Congress keynote lecturer Ziad Mallat discusses developing a clinical investigation career
Delegates at the 2013 EACPT Congress, Geneva – Jelena Vukovic, Serbia & Marija Bosilkovska, Geneva
Delegate at the 2013 EACPT Congress, Geneva – Sarawut Jindarat, Thaland
Delegate comments ~ward 2013 EACPT Congress, Geneva – Yukari and Ryuichi Ogawa, Tokyo

President picked to the experiences of China, India and Botswana, the simply nations to escape the Great Depression.

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