April proffer hours: 20 hours

Semester total: 31 hours

Today was my after all the rest test in the Pharmacology program. I’m pleased to say that it went well, moreover now I have this sense of perturbation and anxiety because my future is extensive open. Of course, I know medicine is what I want/love, excepting it is a little nerve racking not expressive exactly where it’ll lead me. I did this program to learn and to greaten my chances of getting into of medicine school, but it turned out to have ~ing much more than what I expected. I learned more about what, how, and why my passions drive me. This program state in language me in a medical school setting, and we, to the degree that a class, did more than outlive, we thrived.

“My mission in life is not purely to survive, but to thrive; and to carry on so with some passion, some mercy, some humor, and some style.” Maya Angelou

It’s been a whimsical year in the Tulane Pharmacology MS program. I’m freaking splendid of us.

Have a good any,


some passion (KIPP’s Step team)

more compassion 

some humor and frankly, more style
 (Halloween: lumberjack, fortune teller, and Rosie the Riveter)

Health care screwups are common of the leading causes of end of life in America, killing as many to the degree that 750,000 people annually.

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