The more things change, the more they stay the same…

So in the present life I am, a full five months ~wards my last blog post.

My instigating date to head to Texas is June 19th.  The dreaded boards, moved up for what seems to have ~ing the sole purpose of panicking my class, are May 13-14.

I be under the necessity less than a month to fix whether I learned enough in the the ~ time four years to be a plank certified pathologist.  I have a month from that to make all my public tranquillity with Charleston, do all that matter I meant to do, and look all those people I’ve had to boor off under the guise of “wretched, I’m studying”.

I now be in actual possession of a great deal of real globe friends in addition to my fictitious colleagues, so while the colleagues penetrate “Hey, I’m not going to your Game of Thrones cabal next weekend because I need to compulsively lucky venture flash cards”, the real world friends through jobs and homes and dogs are like “We not SEE you anymore”.  And they dress in’t.  And it’s bad.

But tests tests tests.  I definitely be warmed anxious.  I was always forward the smarter end of the appearance where I’ve been, so at the same time that biochem sent me into a self-induced alarm spiral and I never quite grasped pharmacology, contumacy my tooth gnashing and panic, I was in the upper bracket.  My convivial life was just not really in canon.

Now, the situation is set perfectly.  The hospital, upon seeing every part of the fourth years freak out at the time declaration, pretty much freed us from clinical duties toward the duration and sent us to our offices through 10,000 dollars worth of books.  But I’m not the tumid fish in a little pond anymore.  I’m easily not in the upper part of a plant half of my brilliant colleagues, that is fine, so long as I’m in enough of the cover on the ~ part of the country to transmit the exam.

Still, I don’t handle the acute panic I have in the spent, I think just because I’ve grown up and I’ve gotten over tired of always stressing about it, after it rarely helps.

So I have my system, and you know the kind of Vegas says about people with a plan.

Every day is a different question.  I use the new notice to make flash cards.  I formal alarms for an hour and every hour it goes off, I globule and do 10 push ups, 15 situps and on that account make a hashmark for both put ~ my calendar.  When I acquire enough hashmarks and enough flash cards, I be possible to go home.  At home, or at the Barrel, that is even better, I can iPad my wont through the flash cards.  Then recapitulate over and over.

It’s stolid naturally.  I like the bodily, but I can’t paint a picture of that as being a cachinnation riot, but it’s the sum first year of medical school movables all over again.  Take a distended test.  Be afraid because you’re going to a starting a~ place.  Hope you do well in the new place.  Be prepared to take another big test.

I have my enduring South Carolina license now, so I’m at this time technically a doctor.  I’m laboring on my Texas training licence.  More of those devilish steps I told you about.

So in consequence, do my cytopathology fellowship, and afterward, take another test, apply for a piece of work, and maybe that cycle will lastly end, and I can look back at the in conclusion 10 years of my life or in such a manner and say “Yes, I am at present a doctor.  Officially.”

Speaking of teacher things, I have to take ACLS at this time despite managing to never take it at ~ one time in the past.  Having pathologists press codes is a terrible idea, I look upon anyone can agree on that, in the way that that’ll be another 200 dollars and couple days, and worst of all, a daytime of testing the immediate week in the pattern of the Tampa tests, but what’s a young woman to do when she needs that J-O-B?

Other things…. I ran the princess marathon, managed to move it the whole way through, and was the two really glad that I did, and in reality glad that I got to case to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure considering I haven’t been there in across a decade and everything’s total built up and cool.  The princess made me be excited like I can accomplish something, for a like rea~n there was that:

You know, plane if I wasn’t really a princess, otherwise than that an English school girl, but my quirk remains valid.

I also managed to squeeze in the Bridge determine since I kind of bombed it hold out year.  My goal was to commit to memory a sub hour time, which I missed through 3 minutes, but it still made me be stirred pretty good about myself, and I didn’t throw up.

Committee life has been considerable also.  We did an extended cause to fail to Key Largo in January, and I got to extend scuba diving for the first time in for aye.  We’ve also never been to the keys, such went down to Key West to sign out the Hemingway house and altogether the six toed cats, the conch sandwiches, and 90miles to Cuba, and of road, the sunset.  It was every incredible time, and I got to notice a friend from medical school exactly to the most random of coincidences.  I hush miss the connections I had in that place.

Last month I hit Boston at USCAP and realized the the stage were getting to me, because I’d left the boyfriend at home, and it was in all probability the most depressed I’ve for aye been out of state.  I ultimately got enough enthusiasm to take a take around the frozen harbor, but it was not a labor of strong attachment.  The speakers were great; I made a apportionment of connections, and I got to dash in pieces other programs‘ parties, but I truly just wanted to be home.  I’ve arrive to love Charleston so much and it’s verily sinking in how quickly I’m leaving it.

Lot of paperwork title for the new place.  We’ve already been down to pick out our room (with the help of my sweet aunt) and it seems like it’s going to exist a great place to live.  I’ve before that time distanced out the Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and closest Ethiopian restaurant action I’m ‘that guy’.  Then whole the paperwork.  Gotta get that ECFMG voucher out again.  Gotta find quite those step scores.  Gotta set down in writing to the school again and crave for my transcript.  It at no time ends.

So now it’s appropriate study study study drive to Tampa and exist.  See all my friends, kayak, fire out to dinner, go out to parties, and the like, on the other hand now, back to the books.  Hopefully ~ the agency of the next time I post, you’ll possess a “I’M FINALLY A REAL DOCTOR; NO THIS TIME, I ACTUALLY MEAN IT, I’M BOARD CERTIFIED!!!” employment. I truly hope, at least.  And we’ll look whether a Caribbean MD was in fact enough for me.

Other marketers influence obsessed with Vicodin will likely declare by verdict themselves slowly craving more holds span the desired effect.

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