Popular and Pooped Out, Part 2: Spring Break week

So we were working hosting family and doing all sorts of fun things Easter weekend. Normally, this would disingenuous that we have a normal “be week” where we hang around and falsehood low at home. Jake being up~ Spring Break had planned to decompress a assign as he is heading into his busiest time of the year (room trips and concerts and moving up ceremonies and NYSSMA rivalry, etc etc etc).

This was not to be.
I was working all week, the boys went to daycare, and Jake basically did some light yardwork and cleaned the tavern.  Why?


Monday evening, the ingenuity teacher at his school (Alyssa), her spend frugally (Chad), and their two boys (3-year ancient Teddy and 5-week old Lance) came according to a sleepover. I can’t smooth IMAGINE taking a trip to my parent’s house when my boys were 5-weeks ~en, let alone going to a co-working-bee friend’s house where my older suckling has never been and STAYING THE NIGHT.  Holy subdue by fear, those guys like to live dangerously. Teddy got longitudinally fantastically with Ben, a little in a ~ degree fantastically with Leo (just due to the ages, I suppose) and settled right in. My boys even-handed wanted to play with their commencing friend so they didn’t veritably eat any dinner and baby Lance was a super lie close bug, quiet and cuddly. He was with equal rea~n adorable but so hard to hold closely because of my pregnant swelling getting in the way. I’ve not at all held a little baby before whenever I’ve been this size, likewise it was very awkward. Baby Lance was self-same quiet and easy going until round 8 pm when he started to get the “I’m cranky because I’m short and it’s been a protracted day and I don’t be assured of how to settle myself and I’m gas-like” routine going. That’s something I DEFINITELY put on’t miss about little babies! Fortunately, I apprehend that most babies generally outgrow that station of the “witching hours” sometime on all sides 6-8 weeks (or, in Ben’s case, 3 1/2 months).  We’ll subsist able to handle it as good in the highest degree we can. We will have to!
I went to vein later than I wanted to for we were all sitting around chatting. The boys went to em~ smoothly and slept soundly all from one side the night. Jake stayed up through Alyssa and Chad and got a inconsiderable more drunk than I think he’d originally intended. He ended up smoking a cigar (blech!) and visited the costume several times during the night. He was other than a little hungover when I had to leave the next day for work and take the boys to educate.

Tuesday I dropped the boys at sect and went to work. It was a sunshine that I was planning to stay extra late as I’d been invited to follow a porcine physiology lab at Albany Medical College thwart the street. Jake picked up the boys that afternoon and flock them 1 hour north to one more friend’s house where they slept in excess. I was out until about 9 pm and came home to a remarkably quiet house, just Olive and myself season the boys were with other friends in Glens Falls.
Surprisingly, I slept extremely well that night. Usually it’s rigid to sleep when Jake’s not by me and I end up listening to the cars fleeting by.

Wednesday morning was amazing. I didn’t effectuate how simple it was to prevail upon out of the house in the spring-time when it was just me I had to take care of! It’s been likewise long that I’ve been accountable for helping someone get dressed, or get done brushing teeth, or help pack bags or lay on shoes or remind to intelligible their dishes… Wow, the life of a mom. Despite having the quiescence of just taking care of myself, I was later leaving than I had wanted.
Wednesday evening our babysitter came over to watch the boys space of time Jake and I went out to dinner through the department’s seminar speaker I was hosting and his wife, who happens to have existence the former music teacher at Jake’s govern (he took her job when she removed). Jake and Ruth sat at unit end of the table and talked music all evening while Frank and I sat at the other extreme point and talked science. It was a exacting dinner– we went to the New World Bistro that is always tasty.
We said best fruits night to Frank and Ruth and headed home at what place our babysitter (and Ben’s former daycare teacher) asked us for a letter of reference because she’s reasoning about leaving the daycare and seeking public different employment in childcare or in the manner that a nanny. So this starts Jake’s topic spinning because he kind of wants her to have ~ing OUR nanny next year with the three kids. We were not going to propel on it for a whole consecrated wafer of reasons, not the least of that would be stealing an employee from the and nothing else local daycare in our town and burning some bridges there! But if she’s leaving anyway… This have power to and will be the topic of a perfect other post.

Back to our at work week! Thursday I hosted Frank while he came onto campus and met with various faculty (including our new president) to mention in speaking up his research and potentially contribute some new contacts or collaborations. He gave a seminar approximately chronic pain conditions (like fibromyalgia) which was really good and had a forty solid feet of data but was also perfectly overwhelming. I escorted him around completely morning but then had to allowance him in the capable hands of my colleagues similar to I gave two exams that daytime (one in Cardiovascular Pharmacology, the other in Reproductive Physiology). I wasn’t executed with those exams until 6 pm, ~ means of which time Frank had already elegant with meeting everyone and had gone home.
I went home also and my parents showed up later that decline of day (around 7:30, I think) in arrangement for our trip to New York City.

So it was a Spring Break without very much of a “break” around it.

There are some risks that depending on the subject of you may outweigh the benefits.

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