Pharmacology, Tattoos, and a Clean Kitchen

Dear Blank Page,

I can’t wait to speak you what I’ve been up to late. Aside from dropping in to continued the shopping event known as Lilly during Target — just for kicks — I’ve been operating on cleaning and organizing bits of my race. No pressure, just small bits. Well, I started through a biggish bit; tackling some bothersome issues like sloppy toilets, litter boxes and my kitchen swamp (which by-the-way looks stigma new again now that I scrubbed it.)

I conjecture this sounds pretty ordinary and it may be not any bit impressive to chiefly people. That’s okay. When I’m depressed and bathed in perplexity I have no will to care approximately most things. I drop out of life, ruin focus, and hunker down in more deep part of my brain. The bare fact that I not only care, only that I’m acting, well…that’s a in fact good thing.

I’m not entirely interpret with people about how deeply conceited I am by mental illness. I portion articles on Facebook, but I none say, “I loved someone who suffered. I am someone who suffered. It’s been around me my entire life.” I told you that I’m acquirement help. Finally. Really aggressively, seriously distressing to recover. My mental illness and ridicule has manifested in several ways. One room for passing was drinking. I no longer drink. I’ve moreover struggled with disordered eating and each eating disorder since I was a young damsel. Those behaviors are proving challenging to change. But, the progress I’m making with my depression and anxiety is helping and giving me chance of the desired end that I can recover. I am operating with a counselor, an MD, and a registered dietitian. They are admirable people and I feel safe with them.

I tell you, I was thus resistant to medication for so slack. It frightened me. Dependency, bottles forward bottles on bottles, false hope. I tried medication for medication when I was in supercilious school. It was terrible. I watched my mom try medication behind medication. It was terrible. But I clear to try again at 33 and 11/12ths. I was acquisition worse. I could see the cycle happening. And the thing is, it’s laboring. It’s helping. But it’s not fit the medication. It’s the relieve too. Anyway, I’m feeling expert.

Also, on Saturday I went conducive to a consultation for the tattoo I talked encircling a couple years ago. It’s going to exist a little bit different than what I described that day, but I’m finally taking action. I’m exited on the other hand also kind of scared and greatly concerned.. I’m supposed to go forward May 7th to get it inked without ceasing my right forearm. I’ll grant you when it’s done.

So, I fancy that’s it for now. I candid wanted to say hi, see how you’re doing and let you comprehend what’s new.

Take care!


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