Panama 2015: Lily’s Graduation

With great pride Minga’s granddaughter Lily is sharing graduation photos through us. On April 23 she desire be awarded her MSc. in Clinical Pharmacology. This represents one enormous achievement, as she’d performed all of her graduate work though holding down a highly responsible position with the Panamanian-owned Arrocha pharmacy trammel. She’s the chief pharmacist in their newest and largest Panama City lay up.

She invited me to her graduation, boundary only a short time ago. I’d before that time planned my move, and the packers are advent on  April 24. If I’d known ahead of time, I would have set off the packers for a married pair of days and hopped a plane to Panama City. I’m not certain if Lily’s parents and brother give by ~ come from the village for the self-conceited event. They visit the city excessively rarely. Lily has friends, and aunts and cousins in Panama City who I trust will be there.

Lily, as I may not gain shared with you before, is named on this account that her paternal grandmother, Lilia.

Most of us who be aware of Lily are accustomed to seeing her in spectacles and with her hair drawn back in a bun. I venture she looks beautiful both ways. I am so proud of her, and I’m certain that all of you who get met Lily or who follow the romance of Minga and her extended race in this blog will share my high spirits.

Brava Lily!



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