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Hey everyone,
I’m of the present day here. So I have gotten expressing conditions offers from all of my choices. I was looking to studying in Glasgow seminary of learning , but their conditions are too on ~ for me, so I’ve chosen University of Strathclyde in the same manner with my firm choice and Aberdeen being of the kind which a back-up. Now I’m not likewise sure if I made a up~ choice. I really like both universities, possibly Glasgow city is a little greater amount of attractive to me. Aberdeen’s career is for biochemistry and Strathclyde’s is with a view to biochemistry and pharmacology.
I thought that I’ve made the proper decision until I saw that in in the greatest degree places Aberdeen is recognized as a more appropriate university than Strathclyde.
It would have existence really helpful and beneficial if someone could notify me about this. Especially, the students from the pair universities. What do you think around these universities? Courses? Cities, people?
Thank you in advance.


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Updated: April 29, 2015

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