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Happy Monday, my friends! 

I possibility of good you all are deep in the trenches of issue, filled with nothing but

>>cherry blossoms<<

{saltation cleaning}

>>April showers<<

{birds chirping}

>>beginnings of baseball acclimatize<<

{that tummy tickling excitement of the final days of exercise}

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Just, ya discern..a new, fresh start. That’s the sort of spring is all about, am I not oblique?

The rebirth of new life, new flowers, green grass, clean houses. 

>>Spring is indeed a beauteous thing. <<

I myself be seized of been doing my fair share of emerge cleaning, as well as really belief long and hard about what I lack my near future to be. A of recent origin beginning.

If you follow my blog, I’ve been struggling through the idea of continuing to pass versus planting some itty bitty roots with respect to the meantime here in beautiful Colorado. There are in the same manner many little things that are tugging me in wholly different directions. While these past 18ish months since a traveler have brought on a collection of challenges and complexities in my life, I be the subject of truly loved every single second of this trial. Through this journey I have learned so much about myself and gain learned what I want out of life–it has allowed me to absolutely dig deep and ask that {till doomsday evolving question} of

>> “Who am I?”<<

After slack discussions with David and sleepless nights contemplating what the next step for us is  with David’s career and my admonish in this journey, I decided to officially accept a position at Colorado Children’s Hospital through the float pool! As sad during the time that I am to not continue traveling, I plot I know deep down that my traveling days are not completely too, just over for now…at minutest until after the wedding. I am SO incredibly excited to requisition Denver my new home, and to be constant exploring this incredible state of Colorado. I cannot wait to delve deep into all things hiking, camping, skiing, discovering the most of all beer in town, and developing friendships and connections here. We found an apartment in one area close to downtown that we are in reality in love with

{think local downtown Lawrence meets large city…I’m obsessed}

and desire be moving in June, as I wince my new job June 1st. 

What demise my new job entail? I inclination be working with the >>inpatient float-board pool<<, which mean’s I leave be going to the main hospital predominantly, in the same proportion that well as all of the reticulated campuses and working on units so as surgery, neurology, rehab, pulmonary, therapeutical, and oncology. As a traveler I be in actual possession of become accustomed to being floated in whatever place a hospital needs me, and I’m same excited to continue to develop in the same state a broad knowledge base in the crazy universe of pediatric nursing. 

Thing’s I’m looking advancing to? 

Becoming a part of a common again 

{I’m looking into acquirement back into Special Olympics, finding a Church home, joining a gym…signing a YEAR let}

Hiking my first 14’er 

{I may hike a distribute but I’ve stuck to fairly smooth hikes thus far}

Weekend trips to places like Estes Park, Vail, Aspen, Crested Butte, Telluride, Durango…

{the strip goes on and on and attached….}

Starting school full-time 

{at more point…really liking this whole share-time thing I have going without ceasing right now}

Meeting new people and formation new friends

{one of my favorite parts about starting in a fresh city}

Planning our big day! 

{I be aware typical. But I’m in the same manner excited to get started on every one of of my many DIY wedding projects this summer.}

And principally importantly, having family and friends approach visit us! 

{So excited to have ~ing closer to home where we can drive home and see family and friends again often than we have been able to.}

In the meantime, I am finishing my LAST week of Advanced Pharmacology {YAY}, and we are headed back home to imbrue up many moments with family and friends. 


So, in that place it is. Me, the wandering traveling feed at the breast is {temporarily} hanging up her traveling shoes and exploring the in’s and to the end’s of Denver, CO, as well while the rest of Colorado. And while this most definitely will change the universal of The Wander Note, it ut~ certainly is not ending. I can’t wait to blog about our adventures in the present life, my new job, school, and my make a tour through  wedding planning. 

If anyone has in ~ degree suggestions for >>all things Colorado<<, please email me with them, I’m all ears 🙂 

xo kels

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