April 27, 2015


Mar 16 2015. Brief amici curiae of Sixteen Professors of Pharmacology in go through of neither party filed. (Distributed) – Glossip v. Gross (14-7955)

SUMMARY OF ARGUMENT SUMMARY OF ARGUMENT: “The pristine drug in the State of Oklahoma’s three-remedy lethal injection protocol is intended to render certain an inmate is in a “not sharp, comalike unconsciousness” prior to the enema of a paralytic agent to refrain from respiration, and a drug that induces cardiac arrest. Warner v. Gross, 776 F.3d 721, 724-25 (10th Cir. 2015), cert. granted, 135 S. Ct. 1173 (2015).

“Since at daybreak 2014, the State of Oklahoma has used midazolam like the first drug in this succession. From a pharmacological perspective, however, midazolam is not appropriate in the place of its intended purpose. There is overwhelming according to principles consensus, including among pharmacologists, that midazolam is incapable of inducing a “mysterious, comalike unconsciousness…” (at 8)

“Midazolam is not an appropriate substitute for thiopental or pentobarbital to the degree that the first drug in the State of Oklahoma’s three-physic lethal injection protocol. Increasing doses of barbiturates, including thiopental and pentobarbital, command induce sedation, then sleepiness, then anesthesia, for this reason coma, and finally death.

“Midazolam, though, is not a member of the barbiturate physic class. It is a benzodiazepine, a open class of drugs that does not set to work. its pharmacological effect in the identical manner as barbiturates. This pharmacological renown explains why midazolam cannot induce senselessness at any dose, and why it is not each appropriate substitute for either thiopental or pentobarbital to the degree that the first drug in a three-physic lethal injection protocol…” (at 9)

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