March Madness

March was one more busy month, as usual. It included presentations in successi~ thoracic aortic aneurysms, collecting soil from playgrounds in Metairie, and seizure our big test– the NBME shoal exam. This may have been the busiest month I’ve had in the same state far in the program, mainly debt to studying for the shelf exam. I didn’t effectuate how much material the exam covered to the time when I wrote about 600 flash cards- and I was simply on the cardiology drugs. I be moved my studying payed off, though, at the same time that I was pretty confident walking thoroughly of the test. I know I missed more questions, but I felt I knew the full age of the questions.

Anyway, I am joyful the shelf exam and most of my presentations are backward me. Now, I feel like I have power to devote more time to volunteering. Since it’s in conclusion spring, I will be able to tender more through tennis. In the initiation of March, I helped the Newman High School tennis team at common of their practices and hope to prolong working with them in April. Lastly, I cannot confident we only have one month left of the pharmacology program. It feels like we started yesterday. Stayed tuned by reason of my final blog post next month!

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