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Posted forward April 15, 2015 by Claris

Actually, I changed my affection several times as to what sweep I want. I started out taking into account being a doctor. Then I changed my intention to settling for being a researcher. Then I determined I wanted to be a pastor instead. And now… my ~ numerous recent thought is that I would like to act in a pharmaceutical company. Not similar to a researcher, just… anything still a researcher. And so, for my latest year modules, I chose mostly pharmacology modules — including human being about drug safety, which is available for people who wish to be in action in the pharmaceutical industry.

My greatest part recent choice has surprised me considerably. When I leading started my course, I was eternal rock about not working in the pharmaceutical partnership. The reputation that pharmaceutical companies accept is terrible. Basically the bigger they are, the again of a tendency they have to hover around with human lives. Furthermore, scarcely any weeks ago I went for a dialogue in which they talked about by what means huge pharmaceutical companies unnecessarily jack up the prices to such a degree high that developing countries have difficulties purchasing drugs. As the CEO of Bayer formerly mentioned with regards to a modern anti-cancer drug:

“We did not perform the operations indicated in this medicine for Indians… We developed it despite Western patients who can afford it.”

Man, which a quote.

On an individual, third party’s perspective it is contented to be horrified. And it was as antidote to this reason that I was taken backward at the audacity of these cyclopean pharmaceutical companies and did not poverty to work for a company that makes of the like kind statements. All those researchers who labor for companies like Bayer: how fare they do their jobs, knowing that the drugs they produce is just a way to compose more money, as opposed to absolutely saving lives? Doesn’t every observer in the Biomedical Science field startle off with a passion to be in Biomedical because they are partial in improving people’s health?

But in some way it feels right to work towards a piece of work in the pharmaceutical company. Is it a sign from God? Hmm. But either ways, I think I should subdue very carefully, lest I lose my philanthropy and start treating humans as bare disposable objects.

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