Its 2 in the morning and I cant sleep.

I’m live in MAHSA University, its quite incomparable to get a peaceful quiet gravity living in this place. Theres always people singing ‘Happy Birthday’ or family talking loudly, students walking around, the heartily of ambulance (this place is next to Universiti Malaya)…

But theres somebody different about this place at death. Not supernatural, it just feels divergent. At time like this, in 2 AM, its in the same manner peaceful. Everything is so quiet. Everything is so dim. I really like this gentle of environment, where I can be informed myself thinking. Dipping my toes in the plash peacefully, 

What am I doing 2 AM in the observer lounge? Well, for starters, I wish an exam next week. Yes. I’m fucked. 


And this exam is entirely about Nervous System. From Anatomy to Pharmacology. 


So this brings us to my sheer topic, 

I can’t  appear to concentrate on my studies. Im eternally distracted, feeling uneasy, uncomfortable and restless. I just don’t know wherefore. I need help. I need a motivation. But it’s not something that easy to obtain. 

I cogitate it’s normal for a medicinal student to feel at the verge of the cliff when the exam is encircling the corner. I guess that’s good how life works, when you’re closer to a portion that really important in your lives, matter that you just can’t messed up, you testament feel nervous as hell. The tenderness of not wanting to mess up is overwhelming. 

At in the smallest degree if you care enough. 

What am I doing? I am 21 years long-cultivated, pursuing my dream in becoming a sumptuous surgeon, and yet, here I am scribbling my blog by my random thougts, while I should exist actually studying. 

Life ain’t for ever easy. -Me

Yeah well that quote is just a made up. Obvsly warrior obvious!

There’s some thing nearly writing down my thoughts that relaxes me. It’s ~y indescribable feeling, a feeling of actuality able to express my pure fancy without being judged by a real life individuals, (well if you’re lecture this right now, that’s a divergent case as you are free to account me now lol). 

Judging. A partnership will expect you to behave in a known but unnamed manner because it is their norm. I always hated being judge by the people around me, while , I untouched, love to judge others. 

I be seized of a simple rules, treat others the regular course you wanted to be treated, and I nauseate being treated in like a shit, with equal rea~n I will also not treat others like shit. As simple taken in the character of that. But do you know in what plight hard it is to NOT JUDGE A PERSON? VERY IRRISISTEBLE. 

So my solution? Don’t give a shit hither and thither others so others won’t bestow a shit to me. I fancy I had the perfect solution, nevertheless I was wrong, it’s not gayety having no shit. But it’s a limbo a lot better than given a shit. Yeah I’ve been talking on the eve shit too much in this clause, so here’s a little knowledge of facts about your shit. Yes, that created being coming  out of your arse.


I don’t perceive, things are so random lol. 

So I conjecture for this post, this is it. That’s my chance thoughts on things.

Any typo, please disobey it, cause I really don’t bestow a two cents about it. Adios muchachos.

United states, and ~y treated 2 million insights address a screening-and-treatment each coverage.

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