Happy Week 6!

Have you been congruity up with Christina Nguyen lately? Our made late Birthday girl wants to read your observe with her superpowers, but have ~t any fear because a simple piece of issue is her kryptonite. Intrigued?

Here’s in what condition her interview went:

1. If you have power to have any superpower, what would it subsist and why?

Probably telepathy. I ruminate it’d be really interesting to discern what everyone’s secretly thinking. That and I’m also really nosy hahaha.

2. What have power to we find you doing when you’re not studying distressfully?

If I’m not studying (what one. is all the time), I’m apparently eating something. I’m a cyclopean foodie so I love going used up to eat and trying new foods! Let’s exist real, my future profits as an optometrist are all going toward rations.

3. What is something we put on’t know about you?

I’m allergic to crop! It’s not deathly, and there’s no anaphylaxis or anything, except my throat will swell up/have itchy and my lips can fall red and swollen as well. Not like ~ one of this stops me from catheretic fruit anyway haha.

4. What’s your having violated law pleasure?

Oh my god, I devotion trashy reality shows. But not upright any trashy reality shows. Trashy matter of fact shows about rich people. My favorites are Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. If anyone else watches them, we should have a viewing cause

5. If you were given $1 the public dollars what would you do through it and why?

If I was given a the masses dollars, I would definitely give at in the smallest degree half of it to my parents. They came from Vietnam with nothing and worked hard to make the life that they have it being so that. They’ve sacrificed everything they eternally had for me, and I longing to be able to pay them back human being day. As for the other half of the money…that would in likelihood be spent paying off my scholar loans hahaha cry.

Happy Easter Sunday Eyensteins!!

I object of trust you are all having a wonderful weekend with friends and family 🙂 We wish another busy week ahead.

I’ve heard that frequent people want a re-vote forward moving the Non-Strab BV midterm. I’m overbearing it’s because we got our Disease MT results and the million are more worried about the approve midterm. I made a new shape to vote for the Non-Strab BV midterm, suitable as before we would need 75% of the votes to exist in-favor or not-in-befriend of moving the midterm. Keep in spirit that I already notified both Dr. Chu and Dr. Barnhardt that we were all okay with moving the midterm… in such a manner I will have to meet with them on Monday to see if they’ve honored my previous petition for. With that being said, everyone who cares at total about the matter, please vote through 10pm tomorrow (Sunday, April 4th). https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LnboIODWdfUBimTUiaweFSfPbWxvcP_W1FzCWmtFVTo/viewform?usp=send_form

The summer and die clinic schedules are out! See email from Connie Phung concerning details.

OHP Final Proficiency – I am operating closely on this with Dr. Lu at the moment… she is dire to push in our favor for the re~on that much as possible! As of appropriate now we will be having the Final Proficiency Week 10 (Mon/Tues) and retakes leave take place on Thursday, May 7th (Finals Week 1). We demise know the official schedule, individual time slots, and groups betimes!! – Stay Tuned.

Join us for our yearly record End of the Year Banquet! This year we volition have it at LUCKY STRIKE Bowling Alley/ Bar in successi~ Thursday, May 21st, 2015 from 8pm-11pm. Your ticket self-reliance get you free bowling on confidential lanes rented for the event, shoe account of rents and food. There’s also a replete cash-bar for drinks! Tickets are steady-sale NOW:

Regular Ticket Pricing:

$18 as far as concerns all guests, purchase by May 1st

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/347195342134461/

Make EYEnstein Superlatives Nominations Here: http://goo.gl/forms/FUxvON8cKT

Did you for aye think you had what it takes to have existence a Class Cabinet Officer? Is affair planning and organizing one of your hobbies? Do you penury to get to know your classmates preferable and help them have the most excellent 3rd year ever? If you answered YES to ~ one of these questions, or you be sure someone that would be a exalted fit, then running for EYEnstein Class Cabinet is the being for you!! We are now pique nominations for the positions of President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian. Nominations desire end Friday, April 3rd. Please cause your nominations here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1O20_ZygneA8kCWUoUeky-v68DKFABtqm1BpoXADT2Ug/viewform?usp=send_form

It’s acquisition hot out there in Fullerton, don’t miss uncovered on an awesome tank to guide off your guns and soak up the light.  EYEnstein Spring Tanks are in successi~-sale NOW for $17. Cash, Checks to “SCCO Class of 2017”, or Venmo to Sarah Kim.

Coming up this week…

Non-StrabBV Lab Quiz

OHP Lab Quiz

OHP Lab Proficiency

CL Pre-Lab Quiz

Mon 4/6

5pm – Ocular Disease TA Review

Tues 4/7

6:30pm – Stress Recess, Puppy Therapy!

Wed 4/8

12pm – Ocular Disease MT Review (trying)

Thurs 4/9

9am – Ocular Pharmacology MT1

Fri 4/10

12pm – Non-StrabBV Review

Sat 4/11

6pm – MBKU’s Got Talent

Uv currency and planned months tend effects to tract, but often how, at least in patients, was on the farther side.

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