Episode 5: Part 2 of the Pharm Series… The MSMAID Acronym From Anesthesia Adapted to Prolonged Field Care

Originally ~ up on Prolonged Field Care:

Click in the present life to listen to our second installment of the Pharm Series: MSMAID.  

Justin and Brad persevere the discussion of pharmacology started last episode by talking about the MSMAID Acronym/Mnemonic and how it applies to the way SOF Medics should exist practicing medicine in austere conditions. With Brad’s capacious experience in a variety of theaters and evac platforms, in that place is much we can glean to improve the issue of our most seriously ill or injured patients.  One advance is by organizing our thoughts, team and rigging prior to attempting the under-appreciated employment of sedation or IV/IO anesthesia.  Listen to the podcast and practise ~ing the rest of the show notes among the shades to get a better understanding…

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