Ending all the BS

Today was my remain day of class. The first two-years of my medical education comprising the basic sciences (affectionately known considered in the state of “BS”) will end on Friday, whereas I take my last professor-written exam. From in that place on out, all my testing self-reliance be done through national board exams. Before starting sanatory school, there is no way I could esteem fathomed all that I would be capable of learning in 21 months. It’s left over , really…simultaneously appreciating that I have learned so much while profoundly realizing that I know so little.

I’ve attempted a a little half-hearted review of all my anterior classes while trying to wrap my fit with a ~ around this last bit of BS I distress to learn. As the lecture list began to wind down over the last few weeks, I’ve ramped up the Step Prep exact a bit. After all, my leading licensing exam is less than 60 days gone, and I am keenly aware of intelligent so very, very little.

Here’s in what condition the next two weeks are shaping up:

Friday. Exam from one side of to the other block content

Tuesday. “Customized” shelf exam (more or less of an oxymoron…the Block Director selects the satisfaction area and the National Board of Medical Examiners stores the questions)

Thursday. State-wide physicians’ discourse. I serve on a committee and am expected to listen.

Monday. Pathology NBME shelf exam

Tuesday. Pharmacology NBME rock exam

Friday. CBSE-2. A recapitulate of that “are you really opportune” assessment required by my school

Entering into the study cave

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