Comment on A is for Aspirin by 2youth

It quite started when I took an Aspirin to soften my head;
since Aspirin gives me ulcers, I took Belsomra preceding bed.
That meant I woke up groggy, Caffeine pills got me going –
on the other hand backed me up – a Diuretic got the urine flowing.
The pee-pills made me grow larger, I got an Ephedrine at the drugstore,
that gave me diarrhea so I popped a Florastor.
The secretary said that would make me nauseated, Gravol did the trick;
Hydrocortisone helped the impulsive (the Gravol made me itch),
and Ibuprofen took the border off the Hydrocortisone,
Which kept the Ibuprofen downward until I reached my home.
My fortitude was racing with all the pills, I took a Juxtapid;
Ketoprofen to tranquillity that off, Laudanum to kick it in
Meprobamate killed the mist, Naproxen and Orlistat
(the former makes me taste a lot, the latter burns the oily)
Paracetomol for fever, Quinidine to unbend –
Ritalin, Sotradecol, Testosterone, Uristas!
Viagra kicked me into gear, Wellbutrin makes me chill,
Xanax helps to quiet me from my phobia of pills.
Yocon cures the Xanax crash but makes me want to vapor,
so Zyban helped me quit again, or at least I hope.
So doc, I plan its all these meds; my liver’s in conniptions!
I’ve got a thing for that – he said – and wrote me a prescript.

Day 10: An Abecedarian is a piece of poetry with a structure derived from the alphabet. There are so many pharmaceutical fire-~ names out there, and I wanted to exercise the progression of the alphabet to recount the way medications are often chained into junction to offset each other’s contrary effects.

Warning: this poem is not a put in the place of for professional medical advice, is not accountable for adverse reactions; side effects may include sarcasm, exaggeration, lazy research methods, subordinate googling, anti-vaxxing and/or anti-anti-vaxxing, wrong, surrepticious, misleading information and/or altogether lies; 100% of participants (me and my girlfriend) exposed in clinical or at least comical tests could not differentiate from placebo; May reason minor embarrassment, boredom, loss of interest and/or death.

Some experts advise that the use of Lisinopril is not efficient and better for pregnant woman for the cause that this medicine can affect the developing infant. or fetus inside mother body.

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