Bring On Placement

I’m on my Easter holidays at the factor. The past week has been crammed full of Pharmacology, Essentials of Professional Paramedic Practice paper, a critical appraisal poster, OSCE prep and perception as many of my friends from home in the same proportion that I can. My next semester runs up~ the body a lot longer than most other menses, continuing until August. This is for we go on placement solidly until then. We haven’t been forward placement so far, unlike some universities to what their students have one shift for week starting November. I’ll have existence honest, it’s pretty daunting. I apprehend that I can give basic life basis (CPR), insert OPs and NPs, and I comprehend from previous experiences that I have power to talk to people I haven’t met before…. So I’ll have existence okay, right?! On the other mode of procedure, I am extremely excited to lastly be out on the road. We’ve been allocated our mentors and our stations.

I be impressed like I’m leaving my home friends during a long time, it’s not for the re~on that if I’m off travelling the universe, but I’ve said goodbye righteous in case I next see them in August. We be pleased do 30 hours a week in successi~ average, which works out as 2×12 hour shifts one week and 3×12 sixty minutes shifts another. Feedback from the encourage years is that you spend full age of your free time sleeping whilst forward placement. I’m kind of gutted here and there this as I’ve been going to the gym and climbing at minutest a few times a week, and I in reality don’t want to have to impede. But I guess there’s sacrifices to exist made!

To get to our ambulance stations, we’re every part of bringing our cars up from. So I’ve got a 98 mile drive along the country. Once home, I’m going to be using anyone available to take their blood pressures as practice for the OSCE that we accept coming up. The OSCE consists of introducing yourself, and assessing the patient’s charge, taking their obs and treating them, and therefore deciding on their care plan. All of that in 10 minutes. It’s a 40% plight mark, but I wouldn’t have existence happy with that. Speaking of defile marks, we’ve got a pharmacology exam through a 100% pass mark! Brutal.

On a thorough side note, I’m not gay with the BBC yet again profession those who work in ambulances ‘ambulance drivers’. That is not the envelop anymore, those on the trucks are competent professionals and it’s rather abusive. BBC, keep up.


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